Kim Kardashian validates Kanye West’s reaction to his separation?

What does Kim Kardashian really think of Kanye West’s reaction to her split from Pete Davidson? We tell you more!

Kim Kardashian single again. Kanye West reacts! MCE TV tells you what you really think the American star of the reaction of her ex-husband!

Kim Kardashian upset?

That was the big news this weekend. After almost 9 months of relationshipKim Kardashian decides to end his relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

Back to the single box for the mother of 4 children. According to People magazine, the busy schedules of the two starlets made their relationship difficult. « IThey both travel all the time and it was hard” says a source to the magazine.

The comedian is also currently in Australia for the filming of Wizards. While Kim Kardashian is in Los Angeles with his children.

« Kim and Pete have decided to just be friends” specifies another source to the same media. “They have a lot of love and respect for each other, but found that the long distance and their demanding schedules made it very difficult to maintain a relationship. »

It is therefore a decision carefully considered by the couple. Their separation did not fail to react. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West did not miss the opportunity to comment on the breakup. Without too many surprises!

The rapper shared a fake New York Times cover story with the caption: “Skete Davidson dead at 28”. A black humor that the father of the family did not assume for a long time. Since he took down his post pretty quickly. Eh yes !

But in the meantime, Kim Kardashian would have seen it and would have reacted badly. We tell you more!

Intolerable behavior

According to the magazine E! news, Kim Kardashian didn’t like Kanye West’s post at all. Indeed, she seemed “upset” by this publication. “Not only is she sad about the breakup, but it has tested her mentally. » explains a source close to the Kardashian family to the American media.

Before adding that Kim Kardashian was not “I do not agree with this type of behavior and will not tolerate that his relatives are treated like this”. That is what is said!

On August 5, relatives of the couple confirmed to the American media that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have ended their relationship. After Kanye West’s reaction, Kim Kardashian proved she has a lot of respect for her ex, Pete and immediately took the lead to have the post deleted on Instagram.

“She repeatedly asked him to delete the message. » explains a source to the newspaper E! News. Before adding “She will always protect Pete. » Finally, Kanye West ended up deleting his post, 4 hours after it was published,

While waiting to find love again, Kim Kardashian is focusing on the education of her 4 children. North, Psalm, Chicago and Saint indeed take up all of his time. Eh yes.

The star of the Kardashian family is not elsewhere not close to reconciling with the father of his children. With his childish behavior, it’s sure to get more and more complicated. “You might be so hurt or mad at your ex. But I think in front of the kids it always has to be: Your dad is the best” she told Vogue.


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