Kim Kardashian regains her freedom thanks to her darling Pete Davidson?

A body language expert has revealed that Kim Kardashian has finally regained her freedom thanks to her new companion Pete Davidson!

For a few days already, Kim Kardashian’s ex, Kanye West, seems to have found love alongside Julia Fox. For her part, the young woman has found her freedom thanks to Pete Davidson !

Kim Kardashian free alongside Pete Davidson

While rumors claim that Kanye West is in a relationship just to make Kim Kardashian jealous, behavioral experts have analyzed his body language. But also that of Pete Davidson’s darling.

In an interview with The Sun, the expert Judi made several confidences about the shooting photo of Kanye West and Julia Fox. The expert explained that the rapper posed as he did before with Kim Kardashian.

He also shared that the rapper had found a new wife who looked a lot like his ex. Unlike the reality TV candidate who would have found her freedom through her relationship with Pete Davidson.

“Kim’s body language with Pete suggests she’s celebrating her freedom. While that of Kanye suggests that he wants to return to his marriage. As Kim lets Kanye and the world know she’s reconnected with her teenage side. Wilder and more rebellious« .

Judi added to The Sun: “Kanye West seems to be getting on with a woman who just seems like a replacement for Kim Kardashian”. Kim Kardashian would therefore have regained her freedom thanks to Pete Davidson. For his part, the rapper tries to find a woman who looks like him.

Judi revealed: “Kim’s first public outing with Pete showed them holding hands during a theme park ride. Like a couple of 14 years old on their very first date« .

Kanye West wants to replace his ex-wife?

The expert revealed: “Even with her head down and her face hidden by a mask, you can almost feel Kim Kardashian’s wide smile of joy. Holding hands is their favorite binding signal« .

Before adding: “With intertwined fingers suggesting closeness. For his part, Pete never underestimates the signals of adoration. He looks at Kim Kardashian as a lucky man. Despite being pure catnip for Hollywood beauties« .

Judi also analyzed the couple of Kanye West and Julia Fox. “Kanye’s wide smile suggests he was delighted to show off his passionate side with that very empathetic towards his new darling« .

“Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian seems to be more about the sweet hugs and laughs with Pete”. One thing is certain, the two exes have found a new life partner. However, the artist seemed ready to recover the mother of his children.

The latter, on the other hand, has every intention of going through with her divorce from Kanye West. It may well be that the latter finally got the message. It remains to be seen whether his story with Julia Fox will last over time.

In the meantime, Kim Kardashian looks more in love than ever in the arm of her darling Pete Davidson. To be continued !


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