Kim Kardashian: Pete Davidson has removed his tattoos!

Pete Davidson has visibly turned the page with Kim Kardashian. The proof, the comedian erased all his tattoos in his honor!

Few months ago, Kim Kardashian et Pete Davidson were still spinning the perfect love. But the duo finally broke up to everyone’s surprise. At the latest news, the comedian has erased all the tattoos that were dedicated to the business woman. MCE TV reveals you

Kim Kardashian focuses on her family

For more than ten years, Kim Kardashian has unleashed passions internationally. From an early age, the main interested has also sworn to become famous.

And brilliantly, she managed to make a career out of it. Thanks to Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the businesswoman made an impression!

Thus all aspects of his private life have been brought to light... Without filter! But the end of his show, Kim Kardashian has decided to come back in force with a new show called: The Kardashians.

In addition to his television projects, his private life has also caused a lot of ink to flow. And for good reason, the star has separated from Kanye West.

Obviously, the duo had not been on the same wavelength for a very long time. To make matters worse, the rapper had a very bad experience of the fact that Kim Kardashian lives in the big date her romance with Pete Davidson.

On the web, the two men have been at war several times! In the midst of turmoil, the interpreter of “Stronger” did everything to win back her ex… Without success.

In the process, he also accused the latter of take her away from their four children. After countless twists and turns, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian finally made peace.

Their priority remains above all their offspring… Add to that that Kris Jenner’s daughter a also broken up with Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson wants to move on

Yes after several months of love, Kim Kardashian et Pete Davidson preferred to separate. According to someone close to the actor, he would have had enough of incessant tackles from Kanye West towards him.

“She is 20 years older, she has four children and she was married to Kanye West which always caused them problems“, declared Johnny Potenza for The Sun. « Kanye was picking a fight and insulting him.

But also “For a man of his age, it was childish – a pathetic love drama. Most people I know on Staten Island said it wouldn’t last. Everyone was shocked that he was dating Kim, who is a very classy woman. Pete always lived like a normal guy his age. »

If Pete Davidson continues from the dates, kim kardashian always be a heart to take. In any case, the young man was madly in love with the influencer.

To the point that he even tattooed himself in honor of the young woman. On his epidermis, one could read: « My girl is a lawyer » which means ” My girlfriend is a lawyer. But also his first name!

He had also inscribed the initials of the children of Kanye West and his sweetheart on the body. As Page Six reveals, Pete Davidson therefore erased everything.

Indeed, the main interested party was recently immortalized in Hawaii with his new girlfriend. Via the photos revealed in the press, our colleagues noticed that all the tattoos in honor of Kim Kardashian had been erased…


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