Kim Kardashian: her Instagram account is bad for her subscribers?

Since divorcing Kanye West, has Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account become way too bad for her fans?

From the moment she announced that she was ending her marriage to Kanye West, Kim Kardashian fans noticed that she had changed a lot. Beyond his style and his new life, it seems that his Instagram account is too bad for its subscribers. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

All is well for Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian has decided to take charge of herself since her divorce. She now focuses on her family which never ceases to grow with the pregnancy of her sister Kylie Jenner. THE sisters spend a lot of time together, with their children.

They take advantage of family weekends to recharge their batteries. Something that is very good for Kim Kardashian and her children. The latter also focuses on its projects. While she is now one of the richest women in the world, she continues to work on her business.

And that’s not all ! The reality TV starlet would also try to forget about her ex with other men, like Drake. Be Kanye’s nemesis. She supports him on social networks. And according to rumors, they would have a secret relationship.

If the pretty brunette manages to move forward, it is also thanks to his good understanding with Kanye West, which does not ruin his morale. They always remain so close and do not hesitate to support each other. They evenI was seen leaving a restaurant in Malibu.

It was a few days ago, at Nobu Malibu. The two exes therefore prove that they can put water in their wine for the sake of their four children. Kim Kardashian even let the father of her children accompany her! In short, all is well for her!

Kim Kardashian: her Instagram account is bad for her subscribers?
Kim Kardashian: her Instagram account is bad for her subscribers?

A bad influence

Only here, while she spins absolute happiness, it seems that Kim Kardashian does not convey a good message on social networks. She is one of the celebrities whose Instagram followers have very strong feelings. negatives about the image she conveys of herself.

According to an internal Facebook (FB.O) study revealed by the Wall Street Journal this week, its influence would be bad enough on Instagram. Worse yet, his publications would have consequences on the mental health of some adolescent girls and young users.

So that’s what the Journal in question shared. For this, 100,000 people weresurveyed in March and April 2020 in nine countries. Among them, the United States, Australia and Brazil.

For Facebook users, Kim Kardashian’s self-image is therefore very negative. Facebook spokesperson Kevin McAlister therefore said that during the investigation, Internet users did not have to name a specific account.

And yet, it is the one of Kimmy who came back the mostt. But also “Some of the most frequently viewed accounts for people who told us they experienced varying degrees of negative social comparison on Instagram».

So here is what could be controversial after the held judged “Disrespectful” Kim Kardashian wore at the Met Gala.