Kim Kardashian: her daughter North West is in turn launching into the cinema!

Kim Kardashian fans may be surprised. And for good reason, his daughter North West begins her career in the cinema.

Nothing seems too good for Kim Kardashian’s children. So the little North West decided to take his first steps in the cinema. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Kim Kardashian moves forward with her children

This year 2022 has turned out rich in twists and turns for Kim Kardashian. While the latter had a very difficult divorce with Kanye West, she thought she had found her true soul mate. And yet, between her and Pete Davidson, it is well and truly over. Moreover, the young man even decided to hide the tattoo he had done for her.

While Kim Kardashian has faced some very difficult times, the social media star decided to focus on his family. She therefore refocused on the essentials and decided to relativize. Thus, she spends many moments alongside her loved ones and enjoys every moment with her children.

It must be said that the children of the beautiful brunette are growing visibly. The latter then develop their personality, create friendships and forge strong ties with their cousins. In short, time passes and the four children of the star evolve at high speed.

Besides, if there is one that keeps getting noticed, it’s North West. While she imposes herself as the eldest of the family, the young girl continues the appearances and seems to be unanimous. Full of humor and confidence, the latter caused a sensation in the spotlight.

And today, North West is entering a new stage in its life. In effect, Kim Kardashian’s daughter is getting into acting. MCE TV tells you more!

Kim Kardashian: her daughter North West is in turn launching into the cinema!

North West a future actress?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian always thinks big. And when it comes to his children, mom really has no limits. In between dream birthdayscrazy trips or meeting stars, the latter never does anything by halves.

Moreover, for the past few months, Kim Kardashian seems to be concentrating on her eldest, North West. As the latter grows up, she accompanies her mother to major events. Moreover, she finds herself at the head of a successful TikTok account. Yes, just that!

But today, it’s a new dream that little North wants to accomplish. In fact, her career is about to take a new turn. after the music and social networks, it is at the cinema that she will take her first steps.

On InstagramNickelodeon announced great news. Indeed, he swung that North West was going lend your voice to a new character children’s movie Paw Patrol : The Mighty Movie. Yes, the latter does not deprive itself of anything!

But that’s not all. On this same post, the name of Kim Kardashian also appears. Indeed, mother and daughter will take place in this crazy project. To the delight of the fans of the family therefore.

One thing is certain, Kim Kardashian and her children have not finished surprising their audience. But what will be their next craze? To be continued.

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