Kim Kardashian accomplice with North at Virgil Abloh’s last show!

On her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian appeared very close to her daughter North. On the occasion of Virgil Abloh’s last show.

On November 28, Kim Kardashian and the fashion world learned terrible news. Virgil Abloh died from cancer. Louis Vuitton Artistic Director saw Kim Kardashian attend the last show in her honor.

Kim K and her offspring on her 31

Admittedly, it has been a few months since the old DA is no longer part of our world. But the ex of Kanye West wanted to share, this weekend, some nostalgic pictures of this show. No doubt because she had had a thought for her late friend.

In the photos in question, we can see Kim Kardashian and North. The mother and daughter, both wearing black outfits walking side to side. The pretty brunette wearing a large waistcoat for the occasion with flared pants and pointy heels.

Her daughter, meanwhile, seems inspired by her father’s style. Since this one looked a lot like the one Kanye West wore. Namely, of large boots with long shorts and an oversized t-shirt. A slightly less glamorous style than his mother.

The reality TV star also taking the opportunity to post some pictures of his preparations. For example, we can see her putting on makeup and getting ready in behind the scenes of the show for Virgil Abloh. The latter still having her Louis Vuitton bag not far from her.

The rest of the series of shots turns out to be a little more poetic. We can find Kim Kardashian there immortalizing the rainbow lighting above the water. But also a statue of the deceased, Virgil Abloh.

If you didn’t know, this commemorative show took place on November 11th. Moreover, for the occasion, Kanye West was with his family and ex Kim K. Putting their quarrels aside to honor the memory of their friend.

Kim Kardashian accomplice with North at Virgil Abloh's last show!
Kim Kardashian accomplice with North at Virgil Abloh’s last show!

Kim Kardashian honore Virgil Abloh

Before this series of photos, Kourtney and Khloé’s sister shared a sublime message on his social networks. A message to express all his pain. But also to thank life for allowing him to meet such a person.

« God does not make mistakes. I know this, but I still can’t help but wonder why. Why Virgil ?! Why him so early? it’s just hard to understand why. “ Kim Kardashian wrote.

Before adding: ” I have difficulties to understand why so many pure souls have been taken away so early. Virgil – you have always been so gentle, kind and calm. You kind of took time for everyone. “ But Kanye West’s ex didn’t stop there.

Indeed, the mother of Chicago, Psalm, North, or Saint, finally concluded: “We have also spoken often of your superpower of calm. You have always given so much of yourself to the world because you wanted it to be operable. “

A message from Kim Kardashian who has, wherever Virgil Abloh is, probably put a smile on the lips of the deceased. Hoping for her that she don’t lose a new friend in this new year… She would then have a hard time getting over it.


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