Kiev Rus’ and the Holy Roman Empire join Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV was out during l’Opening Night Live de la Gamescom 2021. Via a new gameplay trailer, Relic Entertainment and Worlds Edge have unveiled the last 2 civilizations who will join the planned game launch October 28 on PC.

Thereby, The Rus’ of Kiev and Holy Roman Empire join the French, the English, the Mongols, the Chinese, Delhi Sultanate and the lower Caliphat. Each faction should play very differently in Age of Empires IV, with unique gameplay mechanics.

The Rus’ of Kiev will take advantage of various tools to boost its economy and extend its territories, while Holy Roman Empire will support his powerful infantry with religious units Support.

The trailer also shows a new look at Hands on History, mini-documentaries integrated into Age of Empires IV which relates the real story behind the units and peculiarities of the civilizations in play.


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