Kendall Jenner does not know how to cut a cucumber and amuses the fans!

In the new episode of The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner really amused fans when she struggled to cut a cucumber!

A few years ago, Kendall Jenner and her family made a big decision. They decided . In the last episode, Kylie’s sister amused her fans with a cucumber.

Kendall Jenner amuses her fans with a cucumber

While Kendall Jenner and her family decided to end their reality show KUWTK, everyone finally changed their minds. And for good reason, Hulu gave them the opportunity to come back.

Against a nice sum of money, Kendall Jenner and her family have agreed to return to the screens. For the past few weeks, Hulu has been broadcasting the .

And the least we can say is that the family always offers really cult sequences. If the fans are very happy to see the stars againthey also laugh a lot.

In the last episode broadcast this Thursday, May 12, it was Kendall Jenner who also caused the hilarity of the internet. The reason ? She didn’t know at all no how to cut a cucumber.

On this famous sequence, fans saw Kylie Jenner’s sister at Kris Jenner. When she was hungry, she decided to make herself a small cucumber snack.

When Kris Jenner asked Kendall Jenner if she wanted the chef to take care of her snack, the latter revealed that she could take care of it on her own. It’s there that the disaster has begun.

“I’m really not good at cutting vegetables”

Kendall Jenner said: “I can do it myself. I’m just going to cut some cucumber”. On his side, Kris Jenner wanted to warn her daughter.

She revealed: “Be careful because I cut myself last time”. Kendall Jenner then replied: “I’m really not not good at cutting vegetables« .

The reality TV candidate then asked: “So don’t zoom in on me. I’m not a pro”. Seeing her daughter struggling to cut her cucumber, Kris Jenner decided to involve the chef.

Kendall Jenner then retorted: “I’ll do it mum, it’s good!” ». A totally surreal scene that did not fail to react to fans on social networks.

And for good reason, many Internet users also seemed very surprised that the young woman had never learned to cut cucumbers in her life. For her part, the main interested party had fun with the situation.

On her Twitter account, Kendall Jenner then shared the image of this sequence. In the caption of her photo, she also wrote: “Tragic”. One thing is certain, she took the criticism with humor.

In this famous episode, the young woman also had, the ex of Kourtney Kardashian. And the least we can say is that his repartee really pleased the fans.

The subject of this argument? Kendall Jenner’s birthday. Indeed, the latter did not invite Scott Disick to the event which did not please the young man at all.

And for good reason, he still considers himself a member of the Kardashian Jenner family. Case to follow!


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