Keanu Reeves’ arrival in the MCU: Marvel tweet sets the web ablaze

In a now deleted Tweet, the Marvel UK & Ireland account wished to pay tribute to actor Keanu Reeves, referring to his career and the fact that he is celebrating his 57th year in 2021. An astonishing and unexpected tribute for the community, who immediately imagined an imminent arrival of the actor in the MCU. And why not ?

Keanu Reeves Marvel
Keanu Reeves in Wolverine © Artist’s impression, credits DR

Launched in 2008 by the director of Marvel Studios – one of the properties of Disney – the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is constantly expanding. The MCU features many comic book characters from publisher Marvel Comics, like the Avengers. And on the web, the MCU is fueled by a lot of theories. Most of them concern the actors who embody or could embody our favorite heroes …

Recently, Hugh Jackman teased Wolverine’s likely arrival in the MCU, an opportunity to open the door to many fan theories. And quite precisely, a singular Tweet from Marvel UK recently ignited the web: this one mentioned Keanu Reeves, talking about his career, the quality of John Wick’s films, and the fact that he is celebrating his 57th year in 2021. The Tweet can be found at the bottom of the article.

A Tweet deleted, but one that did not go unnoticed by fans

If this Tweet does not announce anything in particular – neither the arrival of Keanu Reeves in the MCU, nor his participation in any of the Marvel Studios productions – it is none the less amazing and totally unexpected.

Indeed, the various Twitter accounts of Marvel do not frankly have the habit of posting anything other than elements relating to their licenses. And much less to mention the names of actors as famous and beloved as Keanu Reeves, knowing that it could lead to intense speculation… Here is the translation of the Tweet in French:

Keanu Reeves has enjoyed a career boost in recent years, thanks in large part to the John Wick films. Keanu is celebrating his 57th birthday today, and we hope he got some presents. Many gifts.

The last part of the Tweet is particularly intriguing. Why is Marvel so insistent on this point? Would inviting the actor to play a role in the MCU be seen as “a gift” for the studio? In any case, it is quite easy to imagine the actor playing a role at Marvel. As Wolverine, why not.

On Twitter, Internet users already imagine him playing Moon Knight (entrusted to Oscar Isaac) or playing an unexpected role in Spider-Man No Way Home. So far, all we know is that he’ll be playing in Matrix 4, whose film title and first images were unveiled at CinemaCon …

Keanu Reeves MCU
© Marvel UK


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