Kaamelott: thanks to Thomas Pesquet, the film could be premiered in space

If you did not know it yet, know that Thomas Pesquet is a big fan of the series Kaamelott. As proof, he took the entire series with him to the ISS. Now fans want the film based on the series to premiere in space, and for ISS personnel to be the first to see it.

Thomas Pesquet, Alexandre Astier
Thomas Pesquet, Alexandre Astier. Images ESA, M6

The film Kaamelott Will it be the very first film to be shown “exclusively” in space? At least, that’s the crazy bet of a handful of fans of the series who have started a petition that Thomas Pesquet – and the ISS crew – be the first to see it.

Kaamelott fans want film to premiere in space

If you missed it, know that Thomas Pesquet left a few days ago on the ISS with several other members of NASA and ESA. For six months, our favorite astronaut will have to carry out a whole series of scientific experiments and extra-vehicular trips in space. And if you didn’t know that yet, know that he himself is a huge fan of the series. Kaamelott. To pass the time between two missions, he even decided to take The Complete Six Books with him.

It must be said that the stars are aligned, Thomas Pesquet being a huge fan of Kaamelott and Alexandre Astier, an astronomy enthusiast. ” A group as large as Kaamelott fans, can easily push a topic like Kaamelott forward on social media. By doing a small, simple action, with strength in numbers… Proposal: Make Kaamelott the first film with a SPATIAL exclusivity! Says the petition, which has more than 1,900 signatories today.

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The goal, make Thomas Pesquet the first person to watch the film Kaamelott: First Stream. It’s that simple. Why ? Because “ some films are released exclusively in the US, or in China, etc. But there has never been a movie released first in space! »Explains the petition, which also insists on the fact that it could be an excellent publicity stunt. The creator of the petition also launched the hashtag #Kaamelott in space, hoping that Alexandre Astier is on board.

As a reminder, the release of Kaamelott: First Stream is expected in July 2021. The film’s release had been postponed due to the pandemic.


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