Kaamelott – Premier Volet: release date, screenplay, trailers, all the info

Kaamelott fans no longer believed it. But finally, the film continuing the intrigue of the series of Alexandre Astier will arrive very soon in the cinema. Here is everything you need to know about Kaamelott – Premier Volet.

All about Kaamelott - Premier Volet

By creating Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier managed to treat the legend of King Arthur in a quirky way. By adding a good dose of humor and cynicism on the one hand. But also by distilling a dramatic charge, in particular from Book III. A well-dosed parody cocktail that won over viewers. And while the last episode of the series aired over ten years ago, a film continuing Kaamelott’s narrative will finally be unveiled.

Better late than never. At the end of season 6 of the program, Alexandre Astier had confided his wish to set up a trilogy of Kaamelott films. After long legal disputes, the filmmaker finally manages to get his hands on the rights in 2015. Having refined the screenplay, he reveals in 2017 that the shooting of Kaamelott the film is about to start. It is finally in January 2019 that production begins for a release scheduled for 2020. Which will therefore be postponed by one year in the face of the closure of theaters caused by the health crisis.

Release date, plot, cast, trailers … We tell you everything in this dossier devoted to Kaamelott – Premier Volet.

Alexandre Astier in Kaamelott - Premier Volet

Kaamelott – Premier Volet: what release date?

As mentioned above, the aficionados of the program of Alexandre Astier and Alain Kappauf had to take their troubles patiently. More than a decade after the revelation of the last episode, the film Kaamelott is finally about to make its appearance in theaters.

Originally, it was due out on July 29, 2020. But like many productions, its launch had to be postponed, the screening rooms being closed due to the pandemic. The decision was therefore taken to launch it on November 25, 2020. Before finally moving the release date to July 21, 2021, the rooms were still closed doors at this time. The king’s return will therefore take place this summer!

Kaamelott – First Part: what intrigue?

A sequel to the series

“The king has been absent for ten years. And he’s coming back to blow it all up. ” This is how Alexandre Astier briefly sums up the intrigue of Kaamelott – Premier Volet, on the set of Quotidien. And for good reason, the feature film will continue the story of the series. In the latter, the monarch sinks into a big depression to the point of even trying to end his life. No longer having the strength to govern, he ended up ceding power to Lancelot.

Under the nefarious influence of Méléagant, his former ally then did everything to erase his heritage, notably burning down the Round Table. Threatened by Lancelot’s henchmen, Arthur finally decides to rally Rome, his original homeland, leaving the kingdom of Logres in the wrong hands. Kaamelott – Premier Volet will therefore mark Arthur’s return to Brittany. He will therefore do everything to regain power. And this even if he does not initially seem very motivated by the idea of ​​regaining the throne, as evidenced by the first extract of Kaamelott – Premier Volet.

Halfway between fan service and blockbuster

Kaamelott’s first images leave no room for doubt. The film will be filled with spectacular scenes and special effects, all in awe-inspiring settings. We have thus already been able to admire fleetingly impressive battle sequences, Arthur having built up an army to reconquer his lost kingdom. And bring Lancelot du Lac to its knees, which promises to be more tyrannical than ever. “Find him or I will have you all hanged by the parties”, he orders his followers.

The trailer further reveals that Arthur is going to retrieve his legendary sword, Excalibur. Which will be very useful to him since he will face Lancelot in a single combat which promises to be epic to say the least. If the consequent budget will therefore offer breathtaking sequences, the sarcastic and humorous tone that made the success of the series will indeed be there. To our greatest delight.

Dealing with the resistance will notably be far from an easy task for Arthur, some of his men even struggling to understand the concept of ” be on guard “. And the fallen king confided that he had never trained before “Morons like that”. You will understand, the facetious characters of the series will be back with a staging worthy of a blockbuster.

First preview of the movie Kaamelott

Kaamelott – Premier Volet: which cast?

The cast of the film will look great. The emblematic characters of the program will obviously be there. We will thus find Arthur camped by Alexandre Astier and Lancelot du Lac, still embodied by Thomas Cousseau. It will also be necessary to count on Perceval (Franck Pitiot), Merlin (Jacques Chambon) and on Karadoc under the guise of Jean-Christophe Hembert. Alain Chabat and Géraldine Nakache will don the costumes of the Duke and Duchess of Aquitaine, respectively. Also note the presence of singer Sting (Horsa), Jacques Chambon (Merlin) and Christian Clavier (jurisconsult).

Apart from the aforementioned, here are the main actors who will appear on screen:

  • Anne Girouard: Guinevere
  • Lionnel Astier: Léodagan
  • Joëlle Sevilla: Dame Séli
  • Caroline Ferrus : Dame Mevanwi
  • Antoine de Caunes: Dagonet
  • François Rollin: Lot
  • Clovis Cornillac : Quarto
  • Guillaume Gallienne : Alzagar
  • Nicolas Gabion: Bohort de Gaunes
  • Salwa Al Hajri : Furadja
  • Guillaume Briat: Le Roi Burgonde
  • Jean-Robert Lombard: Father Blaise
  • Audrey Fleurot: La Dame du Lac
  • Brice Fournier: Kadoc
  • Alain Chapuis: The Tavernier6
  • Serge Papagalli: Guethenoc
  • Gilles Graveleau : Roparzh
  • François Morel: Belt
  • Loïc Varraut: Venec
  • Stéphane Margot: Calogrenant
  • Aurélien Portehaut: Gauvain
  • Étienne Fague: Lionel de Gaunes
  • Bruno Fontaine : Elias de Kelliwic’h
  • Carlo Brandt : Méléagant
  • Pascal Vincent: Urgan
  • Valérie Kéruzoré : Nessa

Kaamelott – First Part: the trailers

Here is the trailer for the film by Alexandre Astier to wait until its release:

A first more enigmatic teaser had already been released a year ago. Look :


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