Justin Bieber very happy with the Hailey Baldwin x Drew House collab!

Justin Bieber, madly in love with his wife Hailey Baldwin, thought of her for a collaboration with his brand Drew House. It is a success !

Husband and successful singer, Justin Bieber is also today an accomplished fashion designer. With his brand Drew House he is a hit and not just close to his fans! His latest collaboration is with his wife, fashion icon Hailey Baldwin and he looks very happy with the result. MCE TV tells you everything!

A couple that makes you dream

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have known each other for years. Longtime friends, who would have thought they would meet again, fall in love and even get married ? Indeed, to see them, no doubt that they were made to be together.

Often taken in photos walking as a couple and exchanging hugs, lovers are dreaming. It’s a perfect match, even in clothes because the couple is often matched. Fans of relaxed-looking pieces, they are true fashion ambassadors, in addition to their respective careers.

Indeed Justin Bieber is not his first success. He is an accomplished singer, world famous which only comes out of the tubes. And for good reason, all his musical collaborations are with very well-known artists too. From an early age and with his special voice, Justin Bieber has been a hit.

Hailey Baldwin for her part, model and influencer is a reference fashion and beauty for millions of people. She is followed on her Instagram account by no less than 38 million followers! Something to inspire more than one. Moreover, her perfect skin raises many questions from her followers who often wonder what are her secrets?

Justin Bieber chooses Hailey Baldwin to represent his brand

Justin Bieber’s wife is therefore a personality who knows stand out for its natural beauty. She is also very involved in the world of fashion and her entourage is not for nothing. She is the great friend of models Kendall Jenner and sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid! They often go out together.

Who better then than Hailey Baldwin to represent a casual clothing brand and who put in a good mood? For Justin Bieber, the answer is obvious. Her great love Hailey is the perfect person.

According to his Instagram post, the singer looks very proud and happy with his choice. We see Hailey Baldwin sitting on a seat, with a sweatshirt and the Drew House logo. Torn light blue jeans, and in his arms a small dog also dressed. She looks at the lens shyly and her smile is touching.

Regarding the beauty, Hailey Baldwin is styled with two very thin braids that surround her face. For the rest of her hairstyle, a wavy she is used to wearing and which suits her very well. As usual for makeup. She’s wearing something fresh and natural that sets her off perfectly.

For the decor, Justin Bieber has bet on a vintage atmosphere, with a television that is not recent placed on a low cabinet covered with a fabric. The photo appears to have been retouched retro, which really gives style to the cliché and the fashion campaign. We love !

And yes, the couple is still making the right choice by putting love in the spotlight for this Drew House campaign, because the brand is in the image of the iconic couple. Fun, relaxed and natural.


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