Justin Bieber explodes an incredible record on Spotify in the world!

Justin Bieber has just broken a brand new record on the Spotify music platform. Details in the article below.

This is nothing new, Justin Bieber is an accomplished artist. Even after years of singing career, he still breaks records. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Justin Bieber hits the mark on Spotify

We all grew up with Justin Bieber. But his success is such that, even after more than 10 years in music, it always wreaks havoc. The artist has just broken a brand new record.

Indeed, he is the first artist in the history of Spotify to have reached 90 million monthly listeners on the streaming service. Otherwise, he is the most listened to artist, over a period of one month. You realize ? It’s enormous !

However, Justin Bieber is not the only one to display a large number. After him we find Ed Sheeran with 80.5 million listeners. And that’s not all. The Weeknd is not far behind, with 78.1 million.

And where are the girls in this ranking? well just after Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd. Thus, Ariana Grande wins fourth place with 73.4 million. Dua Lipa closes this TOP 5 with 66.7 million.

Further down the rankings, there is Adele (66,2 millions), Coldplay (62,3 millions), Taylor Swift (60,7 millions), Elton John (60 million) and Doja Cat (56.7 million). Note all the same that Justin Bieber is well ahead. Congratulations to all the artists who have all worked well this year.

If you want to know more about the singer’s news, we strongly recommend that you read on. The MCE TV editorial team tells you more, in the rest of this article.

Justin Bieber explodes an incredible record on Spotify in the world!

A successful year for the singer

This is not the first record that Justin Bieber has broken on Spotify this year. It is true that in August, the singer had already made talk about him for have reached 83.3 million monthly listeners and to have dethroned Ariana Grande which, at the time, had gathered 82 million monthly listeners. Like what, the singer is always able to do better.

It must be said that Justin Bieber worked a lot to get there. Indeed it never stopped, even during the off-peak period due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a reminder, shows and concerts were prohibited to the public. The artists were therefore forced to adapt, via live streaming performances or simply by skipping the stage. Justin Bieber also had a very bad experience of not being able to meet his many fans.

The singer took the opportunity to release an album, entitled Justice. An opus carried by many titles such as Peaches, featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon.

But also Unstable with The Kid Laroi, an artist considered to be a carbon copy of Justin Bieber. Without relying on Holy in collaboration with Chance The Rapper.

And you, do you think Hailey Baldwin’s darling deserves the success he meets, 12 years after his first single : One time ? At MCE TV in any case, we fully agree with the figures unveiled by Udiscovermusic. All work deserves reward!


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