Juliette Tresanini (Tomorrow belongs to us) talks about her departure!

Juliette Tresanini, who plays Sandrine in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us” on TF1, is about to leave the soap opera.

Juliette Tresanini has just confided about his departure from the series you all know: “Tomorrow belongs to us”. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

Juliette Tresanini is very sad to leave the soap opera

As you probably know, Sandrine promised Morgane to go with her, once she has served her sentence. The two young women are therefore about to fly to Guadeloupe, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

If the actress has struggling to accept his departure from the series, the fans too. ” Their reaction is very touching! Between them and us, it’s a love story that has lasted for four years. And I knew that by changing the “historical” actors, it would be complicated “, says Juliette Tresanini to TV-Leisure, before specifying that she received many messages from angry viewers.

“I respect the decision of the production, taken for narrative reasons. I don’t blame anybody. And I don’t forget that the producers and writers gave me my chance at the start and wrote some great plots. But I probably wouldn’t have sent that family away! “, continues the actress of “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

If Juliette Tresanini accepts the decision of the production, it is in particular becauseshe has many projects in mind. “My departure from ‘Tomorrow belongs to us’ will give me opportunities. I was so good in this series, so happy to be with my friends every day, that I could not have moved for ten years ”, she says.

Before adding: ” There, I step out of my comfort zone. I have the luxury of having the time to develop new projects. I write a feature film, I approach the producers and I landed a role in a TF1 series. The channel does not abandon me, on the contrary. It reassures me ! “. MCE TV tells you more.

Juliette Tresanini (Tomorrow belongs to us) talks about her departure!
Juliette Tresanini (Tomorrow belongs to us) talks about her departure!

Will she come back in “Tomorrow belongs to us”?

Our colleagues from TV-Leisure have, of course, asked Juliette Tresanini if ​​she was going to come back in the soap opera “Tomorrow belongs to us”. And his answer is likely to please to the fans!

Indeed, the young woman explained that she would return for a new plot this fall. And what is more, that it is already turned! ” It was a pleasure to return to Sète. I had some very beautiful scenes to play with Mayel Elhajaoui, with her mother Catherine Benguigui whom I adored, with my sister Solène », she said.

But does that mean Juliette Tresanini will return after this intrigue? Nothing is less sure. ” This is the big question mark. I don’t have the answer myself. But if the public and the channel want it, why not. “, explained the actress of “Tomorrow belongs to us”.

And to clarify: ” The door was not closed to me. I was just told that I will be less present this year. But Sandrine is not dead, Sandrine can come back, Sandrine has not quarreled with anyone, me either! I am therefore not immune to returning to DNA. And I hope it will be sooner than expected! “. We therefore hope to see it again very soon on our screens, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”!