Juliette Mabilat (Tomorrow belongs to us) confides in her career!

To the delight of Juliette Mabilat fans, the latter has joined the cast of the TF1 series: Tomorrow belongs to us!

Back to school week announces great novelties for the Tomorrow belongs to us series. While many players have announced their departure, new ones are joining the adventure. It is notably the case of Juliette Mabilat.

New arrivals

Tomorrow belongs to us has many new features in store for its fans for this new season. Initially, the credits have changed. Lou has given way to Vianney who lends now his voice to the series.

This is not the only change. To everyone’s surprise, Ulysse Rivière (Tomorrow belongs to us) lost his life. The chef at Spoon has lost his life as a result of hostage taking. As a reminder, he was shot during the event.

After suffering a heart attack after his operation, Ulysses died in front of Amanda. A real drama for fans of the series who did not expect it at all.

If his departure will leave a great void, new ones have arrived in Sète. This is particularly the case of the new beautician: Charlotte Gaccio. Michèle Bernier’s daughter join the cast to the delight of his mother.

On social networks, Michèle Bernier confided that she was very proud of her daughter. In Tomorrow belongs to us, the actress plays the role of a single mother who must take care of his new job. But also of his small family.

Among his three children, there is Lizzie. This young teenager is also played by the talented Juliette Mabilat. The latter has also succeeded in fit into the series without any worries. She already seems close to the other actors.

Charlotte Gaccio gets along very well with her “children”. Tomorrow belongs to us

If Juliette Mabilat is so comfortable on the set of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, it’s for good reason. She has been in the film world for several years now. In 2012, she played in The Praying Mantis.

Two years later, Juliette Mabilat (Tomorrow belongs to us) appeared in Tiens toi droit. Some have also discovered her in other roles on TV. For example in Murderous sources but also Askip.

One thing is certain, fans of the actress are very happy to find out in this new role. For her part, Charlotte Gaccio had revealed that she was already getting along very well with his “children” from the series.

In an interview with Télé 7 Jours, Charlotte Gaccio (Tomorrow belongs to us) also confided that for the first time, she was playing the role of a mother. ” It is a great first ! ».

The actress also added: “And the funny thing is, my character also has twins among her four children. They are 15 years old. And that obviously has nothing to do with what I live personally« .

Charlotte Gaccio (Tomorrow belongs to us) then admitted: “In this story, I have the impression of being the big sister of these four actors, aged 10 to 16« . But that’s not all.

The actress also confessed: “Especially since between us, the complicity was natural and immediate”. It remains to be seen whether the young woman will also have a nice bond with her children in the series !