Jul very proud to exceed 3 million subscribers on Instagram!

Jul crosses the 3 million follower mark on Instagram and thanks those who have supported him from the start.

More and more active on social networks, Jul has just passed the 3 million followers on Instagram. The very famous rapper from Marseille then sends a message to his fans. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A new course

In the evening of Thursday, January 6, 2022So Jul fed his Instagram feed with a brand new post. And Internet users are delighted!

No, the performer of the hit Peak and peak, alcohol and drama do not announce the release of a new title, nor that of a new album. Don’t worry, it will happen.

This time, he thanks his audience for a milestone he has just crossed. The very famous Marseille rapper now has more than 3 million subscribers on the social network!

Yes, you did read it. He thus shared a screenshot of their account on which we see this figure of which he seems very proud.

« Thank you very much everyone, declares the one who will turn 32 in a week. The team is still growing year after year and it’s just a crazy thing for me. “

« I don’t realize at all, it’s hot, he then adds. Thank you for the gift, I was not ready, I am not lying to you. It went quickly, I think before Sunday I’m going to go to the studio to make a sound for you. “

Unsurprisingly, Internet users then once again reacted en masse to the last post of their idol. The comments area is overflowing with messages!

“The Jul team is expanding, but my faith, who does that surprise? Not me “, comments a fan of the rapper. “Congratulations blood, It is deserved« , another declares. MCE TV tells you more!

Jul very proud to exceed 3 million subscribers on Instagram!

The Jul phenomenon

Nothing seems to be able to stop the machine launched at very high speed. At the age of 31, Jul has followed a series of projects, but above all, the very big successes.

It must be said that the very famous rapper from Marseille has a lot of talent. Thus, his many fans admire him and therefore do not hesitate to let him know.

They follow him and support him en masse in everything he does! But you still have to succeed in keeping up … The UFO is never idle !

It thus imposes itself as the most productive French rapper of his generation. The J is bursting with energy and never lacks inspiration!

In 2021, he unveiled no less than four projects. We find the excellent Tomorrow it will be fine, the sixth part of his free albums, as well as the opus Independence released at the end of the year.

But that’s not all ! Jul also unveiled his huge project Classico Organized, bringing together more than 150 artists. No, you’re not dreaming !

We find there the cream of Marseille rap accompanied by the treasures of the French capital. The project offers crazy collaborations!

One thing is then certain, the interpreter of the title So the area has not finished talking about him. We let you take a look at his Instagram account !


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