Jul unveils a medley of songs from his new album “Coeur Blanc”!

Surprise, this Tuesday, November 29, Jul made a nice surprise to the fans, by unveiling a medley of his next album Cœur Blanc.

In a few weeks, fans of Jul will be in heaven. Indeed, the artist from Marseille will release his new album Cœur Blanc. And to make them wait before the official release, the artist gave them a nice surprise. By offering them a medley of a few songs to come.

The return of the J

A news that made everyone happy. Because yes, it is rare not to see the UFO for several months. However, this is what happened recently. Something to greatly worry Internet users who wondered where he could have gone.

But Jul finally came out of his hole a few weeks ago. The friend of SCH making it known that, if he showed himself so little, it was not really by choice. In effect, he would have had some health problems who forced him to rest…

“My team, I hope it’s okay. Good, I wanted to tell you that I’ve had a little health problem for a month and a half… but it worked out thanks to God! ». He had made known before announcing a big news. Namely, the arrival of White Heart.

An album in which he reserves beautiful surprises and in particular feats in shambles. Feats of which he revealed the entiretybeen on social media recently. You can notably find Morad and Any González, two Spaniards.

But also M Huncho and French The Kid, Rhove, Paky and Anna. Or even Mula B and 3Robi. Artists, English, Italian and Dutch. And when we see the rest of the list, we understand that Jul wanted to create an “organized world”. A concept that has not escaped the fans.

Many of them welcomed the choice of their favorite artist. After the Organized 13 and the Organized Classico, here is the Organized World. And if you want to have an idea of ​​what awaits you, nothing could be simpler. Just go a few lines down.

Jul offers a medley of White Heart

Hoping it suits the haters. Because yes, they always point the tip of their nose when something is wrong. And it didn’t fail a short time ago. In particular because of pieces that did not suit them.

Some criticize Jul for doing too much “zumba”. While, usually, the J always remains unmoved, and does not take the lead. This time, he came out of his hinges. Indeed, tired of being tackled, he responded to his detractors to dot the i’s.

“There is nothing that I do that I do not assume… And by the way, I do Jul, I don’t do Zumba« . He dropped a strand reassembled. A situation that has undoubtedly pained his fans. Those who always want to see him with a smile.

Fortunately, Jul probably found a smile when he discovered his lovely surprise to his community. As we let you know, the rapper from Marseille offered a medley of his songs to appear on Cœur Blanc.

In fact, Internet users were therefore able to have an idea of ​​what awaited them. And as for the fact of having chosen artists from all over the world, the J will offer a great diversity in its sounds. Something to please everyone with this project.


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