Jul: his new album Le Classico Organisé already certified gold!

Jul garners new success with his latest album, Le Classico Organisé. It has just been certified gold. Well done !

Jul has something to celebrate! The rapper has just won the timpani with his new album “Le Classico Organisé”. Indeed, this one has just been certified gold record ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Jul’s “Organized Classico” breaks a new record

Once again, Jul hangs another success on his track record. The rapper from Marseille has not stopped stringing hits since the start of his career. And nothing seems to stop his progress in the rap game!

Recently, the artist unsheathed his new album called “Le Classico Organisé”. And this one achieves a real feat. Indeed, with its new cake, the UFO has succeeded in bringing together the cream of the Marseillaise and Parisian rap scene.

No less than 157 artists came to give voice on this triple album! On this opus, we find sure values, but also the new generation. Like Maitre Gims, SCH, Rohff, Oxmo Puccino or even PLK and Lacrim.

In summary, all the current biggest names have come together for this album which has already gone down in history. And by the way, the record’s success does not stop there.

Because since its release on November 5, the opus has become a gold record. A great pride for Jul who did not hesitate to relay the good news on Instagram.

In his story, the “J” therefore wanted to thank his fans. “May the force be with you,” he wished them. Indeed, more than 50,000 people bought “Le Classico Organisé” in less than 15 days! An incredible record!

As with his “13’Organisé” project in the past, Jul proves that playing together is good ! The artist likes to surround himself with other talents to create.

Far from taking advantage of his solo success, on the contrary, he takes advantage of his notoriety to put others in the spotlight. This is also surely what explains the growing success of the Marseillais.

Jul: his new album Le Classico Organisé already certified gold!
Jul: his new album Le Classico Organisé already certified gold!

The title “So the Zone” also awarded

And that’s not all. Because Jul’s solo career was also crowned this week. Indeed, the title “So the Zone” which appears on his album “Demain ça ira” was also awarded.

The hit of the “J” has just been certified platinum single. This is still something to delight the Marseillais who no longer knows where to turn with all these hits on the clock!

It is quite simple. Every time Jul releases a sound, it instantly turns into cardboard! The rapper owns a popularity rating rarely matched.

And of course, he is also called by others to come and put his voice on the sounds of his comrades. It’s the case for Rohff’s new album.

The rapper from the 94 will release his new album, “Grand Monsieur”, December 10. And on it are prestigious guests, including Jul.

After having participated in the “Organized Classico”, Rohff returns the favor to the UFO by inviting it to participate on his own record. For the moment, nobody knows what this featuring looks like yet.

But it is certain that this sound will necessarily make noise. We can’t wait to find out, don’t you?


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