Jul has already sold more than 6 million albums in just 8 years!

Rapper Jul has reason to be proud of him! He has sold over 6 million albums in just eight years!

No one can dispute the incredible talent that is Jul. He has sold over 6 million albums in just eight years! A great success! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Jul: nothing stops him

It has now been several years since Jul established himself in the rap game. His determination got the better of him. Because at 32 years old, Jul still has a string of projects, but also and above all, very big successes!

He never lacks inspiration. He is a real machine that nothing can stop. And watch out! Jul does not just “lay” sounds. He works on them every day so that they become nuggets.

Let’s take the example of “I saw everything”i have been a hit for several months nowt. It is the same for “I forget everything” which remains a must.

On his own, the Marseille rapper has therefore managed to bring together fans of various origins, and from different countries. Good news, he will soon be back on stage in Corsica. He announced the news on his Instagram account.

“Wesh the team, I hope everyone is well. I’ll meet you on August 4 in Calvi, at Eden in Corsica. We’re going to set it on fire. We’re gonna give everything. See you on 4″, he said on the social network.

Even if he appreciates Corsica, Jul’s heart therefore remains in Marseille: “Here, I made my decision, I’m leaving for Marseille without hesitation, had announced the Ovni. Corsica is very beautiful, but probably too calm in terms of goods. My city, I wouldn’t leave it! »

Jul could therefore make us vibrate this month of August, with Ma Belle. A sound which already has more than 150,000 views ! Incredible isn’t it!

A well-deserved prize

On social networksJul’s fans keep praising him : « you’re incredible”, “another nugget”, “I like it too much, it’s good”, “You’re the best fat, I haven’t finished getting tired of your last album that you’re already releasing a sound “, “The blood of the vein, the J. Continues to make us dream and to atmosphere us every day. »

“I totally validate, it’s going to be for the summer I feel it”, “I hope the sound will break through, it’s incredible”, “given the number of magical titles you released, so I don’t understand why don’t you already have 10 million subscribers. Really, keep it up and force the J.”

Jul amply deserves these comments. Besides, he has just shared incredible news. Know that in just eight years, he has therefore sold more than 6 million albums. Never seen !

He therefore hastened to announce the news on his Instagram account. He doesn’t even have the words! ” Thanks to you ! the truth is serious thank you. I have my head in the stars and I always try to keep my feet on the ground… I love you very much”

Jul can’t thank his fans enough. In the meantime, he is preparing wonders for the start of the school year!


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