Josef Fares, creator of Xbox Game Pass: “I’m more of a fan of PlayStation strategy”

xbox game pass

The Lebanese director believes that Microsoft’s “Netflix of video games” has an interesting future.

It is a service that has already established itself as a key piece of Microsoft’s – and Xbox’s – strategy for the future. The so-called ” Netflix of video games, ” which for a regular fee offers access to a growing catalog of video games, with first-run titles like The Medium last month.

While it is an interesting proposition, Josef Fares, the creator of It Takes Two, who you will recognize from his star moment at The Game Awards, is not so drawn to it. He is more in favor of the PlayStation strategy and its exclusive games.

Right now, I’m more of a fan of Sony’s strategy.
Josef FaresSpeaking to GamingBolt, the Lebanese director, comments: “I don’t really care about consoles. For me, everything is about games, games, games, and games.

I mean, right now, I’m more of a fan of Sony’s strategy because they make more unique IPs and focus more on the games that I really enjoy, with a lot of history.

So I hope that Microsoft follows that path, “says Fares, to which he adds,” I mean, with Game Pass, I’m not I’m sure what that is going to contribute. I mean, if there are no games, that doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t matter, you know. ”

“Another thing, I don’t see this as a war either. Like, when you see Phil Spencer [Xbox boss] talking about it, it seems more like he wants to release Game Pass on PS5 as well. But in the end, it’s all about the games.”.

In general, Josef Fares is not very attracted to Xbox Game Pass. Not because he mistrusts his success, but because he is not clear about how the service will evolve in the future. “This kind of Netflix of video games is interesting because I really don’t have a sense of how it is going to go in the future.”

“It’s hard to say, and it’s not like the movies, you know? The games are somewhat different, but it will be interesting to follow it and see what happens there,” adds Fares, before concluding with the following:

“But, of course, I hope Sony continues to do what it’s doing. You know, creating great games like The Last of Us, Spider-Man, and everything they do. ” This is not the first time that a statement by Fares about Xbox gives something to talk about, who started a few months ago that the names of the new Xbox are confusing.

It Takes Two release date.

The creator’s new adventure, It Takes Two, is billed as a romantic comedy in a cooperative adventure format and will be available on March 26 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. Of course, Fares finds it difficult for his game to reach Nintendo Switch.

If you want to know more information about this adventure, our preview of It Takes Two.


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