JLC Family: Belle formalizes her sudden separation from Bastos!

In Story of her Instagram account, Belle (JLC Family) did not hesitate to formalize her sudden break with Bastos. She gave information!

Fans of the show La Bataille des clans have witnessed a big rapprochement between Belle and Bastos. As soon as the young woman arrived in the clan of the JLC Family, the young man had .

A budding relationship in the Battle of Couples

A couple is born in the Battle of Couples. And the least we can say is that he surprised everyone. Indeed, Bastos and Belle (JLC Family) have decided to get married.

Shortly after her separation from Allan, the latter formalized things with the Youtubeur. However, this love story did not last very long. The one who is part of the JLC Family clan announced that she had

It all started with a Youtube video. A few days ago, Belle confided on the subject: “I was warned that Bastos was going to release this video. I was oasis warned for the message to his ex« .

Before adding: “However, I didn’t know how things were said/done during the video. And it touched me, in spite of myself. This situation dates back to last month. And it has rubbed the knife in the wound« .

The one who is part of the JLC Family continued: “Sorry for posting the story in tears. I’m doing well. You know that Bastos was part of my first love at first sight. And that I love her”.

“So please don’t hate him. Even if you are entitled to have your opinion on the situation since it was he who posted the video. Be a little indulgent. The other person was also in a relationship during the video so…”.

Belle (JLC Family) ends her relationship with Bastos

Fans therefore wonder if Belle (JLC Family) and Bastos had ended their relationship. This weekend, the main interested party then made things clear.

This Friday, September 23, Belle (JLC Family) confided in Story of her Instagram account: “Yes it’s over with Bastos. It was going to do four months in five or six days. The video is the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

The Couples Battle contestant added: “It’s not just because of the video. He and I know very well why we also got here. We tried to have mature conversations…”.

Before explaining: “When you’re not in the relationship, we can not know. All you know is that I blocked it. I blocked it because there was nothing more to say”.

Belle (JLC Family) then pointed out: “I said I would never spit on him. It pains me a little to see that he spit on me a bit during his lives… Anyway, that’s life”.

She also revealed: “I know I gave my best. It’s just because he had doubts, I wrote to him, I told him that it was over. Some people thought it was blurry, including him.”.

Finally, Belle (JLC Family) concluded: “So I cleared everything up. Now we can move on.”.


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