Jessica Thivenin very touched by this before / after on Instagram!

On Instagram, a fan account of Jessica Thivenin and her family publishes a very touching before/after the birth of Leewane.

Jessica Thivenin has the family she always dreamed of. And yet, her pregnancies were not easy. For her little girl, Leewane, she even had to be bedridden for several months. So today, the young woman is touched by this before / after on Instagram.

Jessica Thivenin touched by this before / after

Jessica Thivenin has several fan accounts that often post photos of her and her family. And on his Instagram account, his children are always in the spotlight. Besides, his last photo with all his little family moved the Web.

You could feel all their happiness and fulfillment. While at her delivery, the young woman had suffered a lot. Especially at the end of her pregnancy. So, a fan does a before/after montage. The before is the day of delivery.

We see a Jessica Thivenin sleeping next to her baby. The after is a beaming woman lifting her baby girl which has grown since then. In any case, this montage touched a lot the mother who shared it in story.

Love or dislike the reality TV star, you can’t take away her honesty. Throughout her pregnancy, Jessica Thivenin shared all the bad moments and all the unflattering anecdotes. But often, she is criticized for surgery.

Because the young woman does not hide it, she had recourse to many times to surgery. But Thibault’s wife knows how to laugh about it. She even said on Instagram “Might as well tell you that the day I will no longer be on this Earth, only plastic will remain « .

A loving family

On Instagram, Jessica Thivevnin likes to share moments of life but also photo shoots. And the last ones are sublime. The little family shines! But often the mother receives questions about parenthood.

He was asked his vision of the cosmetic surgery for her daughter. She then answered cash: She is not going to have an operation at 15-16 years old! No way ! She will wait until she is of age. Afterwards, if she wants to redo her nose because it makes her complex, I’m never going to prevent her.

As always, Jessica Thivenin even makes humor on the subject: “ I could give him advice. I’m all over again ! “We can not say that the mother lacks a sense of derision. But is the family complete?

After suffering a lot for the first two pregnancies, Thibault Garcia does not want a third child. He doesn’t want to see his wife suffer again. But the latter is less categorical on the subject. But for the moment, this is not relevant.

The couple has plenty of projects, and two children, it’s work! So for now, the family will stay that way. On the other hand, on the side of Nabilla, the latter mentioned wanting a third child to finally try to have a girl!

Because after two attempts, the star had two boys. Never two without three ?


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