Jessica Thivenin clashes with TV candidates who leave their babies!

Jessica Thivenin did not hesitate to attack candidates who left their babies to shoot reality TV!

Very active on social networks, Jessica Thivenin does not hesitate to speak on subjects that are close to her heart. Recently, she did not hesitate to tackle the candidates who

Jessica Thivenin attacks certain candidates

A few years ago, Jessica Thivenin was one of the emblematic candidates of reality TV. Known thanks to her participation in Les Marseillais, she dedicated several years of

Les Marseillais, Les Marseillais vs the rest of the world or Les Apprentis Aventuriers, Jessica Thivenin has done more than one TV. She has by the way throughout these years.

Fans have also witnessed his rather tumultuous love stories, in particular with Julien Tanti. But since then, she has come a long way. Now the beautiful 100% focus on his family.

As a reminder, she became the mother of little Maylone. If her arrival has completely upset the pretty blonde because of her many health concerns, she is happier than ever with her son.

Shortly after, it was a little girl who showed up in the family. If Jessica Thivenin also experienced difficulties during pregnancyshe gave birth to little Leewane who is in perfect health.

Because of her complicated pregnancies and Maylone’s health concerns, the beauty had to put his life on TV on hold. And the least we can say is that she does not regret it at all.

Kamila reacts to the words of the reality TV candidate

Not long ago, Jessica Thivenin did not hesitate to attack candidates who leave their babies to go on filming. In story of her Instagram account, she confided that she would not have never been able to leave her young during the first months of life.

The reality TV contestant revealed: “I had just had my daughter. And I’m never going to leave my baby for a shoot. That’s impossible. When it’s an infant, when it’s 2-3 months old, up to 4 months old, I find it crazy”.

Before adding: “So he is out of the question to do that. So no, I have no plans to return to TV”. An answer that deserves to be clear, Jessica Thivenin will not return to the screens anytime soon.

On social networks, this speech did not fail to make people talk. Several bloggers have also accused Jessica Thivenin of having wanted to tackle Kamila and Noré in his Story.

As a reminder, the parents then joined the filming of Fifty shortly after the birth of their 2nd baby. During a question / answer in Story Instagram, a subscriber asked Kamila to react to the words of the young woman.

He asked : “What do you answer to Jessica who tackles you? ». To which Kamila replied: « Me tacle ? I didn’t hear my name out of his mouth though…”. There is therefore no animosity between Jessica Thivenin and the darling of Noré!


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