Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) is mobilizing for precarious students!

On his Instagram account, Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) shared a photo where he announced his mobilization for precarious students!

A few years ago, Jesse Williams managed to make himself known thanks to Grey’s Anatomy. As a reminder, he played the role of Avery. Adored by the fans, the latter still ended up quit the medical series.

A popular character in Grey’s Anatomy

During the final season of Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams announced his departure. A real drama for his fans who did not expect it at all. It must be said that he is one of most popular characters.

Avery (Grey’s Anatomy) still had a nice ending. The surgeon decided to leave the Gray Sloan Memorial to move to a new town. On the other hand, it was unthinkable for him to leave without his little girl he had with April.

As a reminder, the two had an incredible love affair. While they faced the passing of their first child, they had a lovely baby girl afterwards. The latter binds them. And do their greatest happiness.

In his last episode, Avery took his courage in both hands to go to his ex-wife, April. After having explained his plans to him, he asked him to take their little girl with him.

It must be said that Avery (Grey’s Anatomy) does not see himself living far from his child at all. At the end of this discussion, he even suggested that his daughter’s mother come with them. The young man did not fear of re-founding his family.

In contrast, fans never knew if April had accepted Avery’s proposal. But it seems so. Especially since they learned that the pretty redhead had left her ex husband Matthew. They even got divorced.

Jesse Williams is committed to students

If Jesse Williams had a beautiful end in Grey’s Anatomy, it is not for all that that he has completely disappeared. Always very active on social networks, he is committed to causes close to his heart.

This Tuesday, August 31, Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) shared a new photo on his Instagram account. He revealed to his fans his commitment to students in great precariousness. He wants to do its possible to help them.

In the caption of his Instagram photo, Jesse Williams also wrote: “Teachers spend an average of $ 750 a year out of pocket. To ensure that their students have tools they need« .

He also added: “As a former teacher in dramatically underfunded communities, I remember how many times my colleagues and I provide our own school supplies. For our classrooms ”.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor revealed: “And let’s share resources among students. My Subaru partners agree that is not correct. And are currently working with Adopt a classroom ”.

He also continued: “With the aim of helping more than 114,000 students in need across the country”. His fans were keen on the congratulate on this great initiative. For her part, Ellen Pompeo also approved her project.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress left a “I like” under his photo !