Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) back in a Hulu series!

After his departure from Grey’s Anatomy, actor Jesse Williams will soon make his return to a Hulu series, dubbed Olga Dies Dreaming.

After his departure from Grey’s Anatomy, actor Jesse Williams will soon make a comeback in a Hulu series. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A big start in Grey’s Anatomy

The news had shocked fans of Grey’s Anatomy! After 11 years in the medical series, Jesse Williams said goodbye in season 17.

The 40-year-old actor, known for his role as Doctor Jackson Avery, had thus left the show on May 20. And this, during a very moving episode called “Tradition”!

Asked by the media TVLine, Jesse Williams had explained the reasons for his departure by Grey’s Anatomy. According to him, this is a mutual agreement between him and the production.

“We discussed the character’s future together. It was done like that. We were figuring out where this guy was going to go. Something kept making us think he couldn’t stay here ”, he had explained. Pity !

The star actor of Grey’s Anatomy had also confided to have learned a lot in the series. “As an actor, I have had the chance to learn so much. I thank our fans who give us so much energy and love ”. How touching !

For her part, showrunneuse Krista Vernoff had announced his admiration for the actor. “Jesse Williams is an incredible artist. To observe his evolution during 11 years, on the screen and off, has been a real gift ”, she had thus declared to Deadline.

Today, the actor now seems to be turning towards new projects. Proof of this is that he will soon be making his comeback in a Hulu series, called Olga Dies Dreaming. MCE TV tells you more!

Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy) back in a Hulu series!

Jesse Williams back on TV!

After his departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams will therefore do its big comeback on the small screen. This is what the Hollywood Reporter reports!

The actor will thus join the Hulu series called Olga Dies Dreaming. A show based on the 1st novel by Xóchitl Gonzalez!

“The story follows Olga and Prieto, a brother and a sister residents of New York. They have a very strained relationship with their mother Blanca. But a drama will allow them to learn more about his past ”, specify our colleagues. Suspense!

In this series, the ex-star of Grey’s Anatomy will play Matteo Jones, a collector from Brooklyn. A very different role from Doctor Avery then. It’s the least we can say !

Note, Jesse Williams will give the reply to Aubrey Plaza and Ramón Rodriguez. The two actors, in addition to being the headliners of the series, will be the showrunners. It promises !

In addition to this new series, the ex-actor of Grey’s Anatomy continues his other projects. It should thus come back in the play Take Me Out on Broadway. The class !

In addition, Jesse Williams also works for several films, among which Secret Headquarters by Jerry Bruckheimer. Very serious then!

In short, the ex-doctor Avery of Grey’s Anatomy does not seem bored. And one thing is for sure: it should shine in all these new projects. To the delight of its millions of fans!