Jennifer Lopez revives the fashion of ballerinas during her honeymoon!

It is well known, ballerinas have never been popular in France! But Jennifer Lopez has upset the trend by relaunching this fashion during her honeymoon! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Jennifer Lopez: a happy woman

After years of bad luck in love, Jennifer Lopez is finally a happy woman. She lives her best days in the arms of Ben Affleck. Imagine that the two lovebirds got married on July 17, 2022:

” We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out that love is patient. Twenty years of patience“, she therefore announced. Her fans are happy for her. Because this couple is a dream!

For their wedding, Jennifer Lopez and her husband therefore chose simplicity. They decided to unite in peace, away from prying eyes. An employee of the chapel, Kenosha Portis therefore confided on the set of Good Morning America:

“We were preparing to close and a special guest showed up without an appointment. I started shaking a little. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is Jennifer Lopez we’re about to marry'”

For their honeymoon, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck flew to Paris ! They walk around the smallest corners of the capital.

The star took the opportunity to celebrated his 53rd birthday on Sunday July 24. Luxury boutiques, tasty restaurants, romantic walks on the Pont du Carrousel, they have left nothing out!

A fashion that has a bad reputation in France

If Jennifer Lopez and her husband are enjoying their romantic getaway, photographers can’t help but target them. And the media therefore hasten to share beautiful shots.

The singer is wonderfully beautiful. She wears her best outfits. Moreover, know that it has relaunched a trend… It is then ballerinas. Yes yes, you hear well! The latter do not have a good reputation in France.

Indeed, for years, mockery has been very numerous towards those who wear ballerinas. But Jennifer Lopez has decided to give a good fashion lesson to the French. She managed to prove that ballerinas are not ugly.

Quite the contrary! The singer married them so well with her beautiful blue dress. The comments are even very positive on social networks:

“I find it very elegant with her ballerinas. Me who hates it ! “, “it makes me want to buy ballerinas”, “who would have thought that ballerinas would be fashionable”, “JLo has therefore relaunched the fashion for ballerinas or I dream”, “I love her shoes too much! »

Jennifer Lopez is not the only one to revive this trend. Many Americans therefore proudly wear ballet flats.

Only in France do these little ballet slippers seem old-fashioned! Mays the trend could well be reversed… So it’s a case to follow on MCE TV!


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