Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk: irritated at being snubbed, Blue Origin files complaint against NASA

Anxious to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024, NASA has selected SpaceX to set up the future moon landing module. What annoy at the highest point Blue Origin which has just filed a complaint against the space agency in a federal court.

Jeff Bezos et Elon Musk

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos shoot each other at the top of the ranking of the richest people in the world. And they’re also having a hell of a fight in the stars. As a reminder, SpaceX recently won a sacred victory over its competitor Blue Origin. Elon Musk’s firm has obtained exclusivity on the manufacture of a moon landing system. Which will allow the astronauts of the Artemis program to land on the Moon, the space agency aiming to launch the major maneuvers in 2024.

Still, Jeff Bezos’ company believes that SpaceX’s designation process is far from impartial. In doing so, Blue Origin filed a lawsuit in federal court against NASA. To refresh your memory, remember that the latter had selected SpaceX last April. She had thus attributed to him the $ 2.9 billion contract relating to the construction of a manned moon landing module. An economic choice since Blue Origin had offered a contract at $ 5.9 billion.

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Project Artemis: Blue Origin got it wrong

Bezos’ agency and Dynetics then lodged a complaint with the Government Accountability Office – which oversees the control of public accounts. Their attack strategy? Claiming that NASA’s selection criteria lacked impartiality and that it should have selected multiple winners. Not enough to move the GAO which had dismissed this complaint quickly. According to her, NASA had every right to choose the number of winners it wished.

“Without competition, NASA will be left with limited options as it attempts to negotiate missed deadlines, design changes and cost overruns, pointed out Jeff Bezos at the time in a public letter. Without competition, NASA’s short- and long-term lunar ambitions will be delayed, ultimately cost more and will not serve the national interest ”. It remains to be seen what turn will take the case following this new complaint.


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