Jeff Bezos dreams of a planet Earth without humans

Since leaving the head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has a little more time to think about the problems of the world. He also went to the last Cop 26 in Glasgow to pledge an investment of $ 2 billion through his foundation the Bezos Earth Fund.

Jeff Bezos thinks we will visit Earth as if it were a protected area

He also recently participated in the Ignatius Forum in Washington Cathedral. The opportunity for the billionaire to talk about his vision of the future. He thus suggested that in the future, polluting industries would be transferred to space. Humanity itself being transposed into space colonies that would shelter up to… 1 trillion people. They would be like gigantic cities floating in space. As on our planet, there would be rivers, fauna, and flora.

Surprisingly, the founder of Amazon foresees a very special future for the Earth: “ It is the most precious planet in the world and we have to preserve it, conserve it and make sure that our children, their children and so on have this beauty in their life. (…) Humans could visit Earth like you visit Yellowstone National Park ».

During his speech at Cop 26, Jeff Bezos had already made his ecological fiber speak:

I had been told that seeing Earth from space changes the way you see the world, but I was not prepared for this to be true. Looking at Earth from above, the atmosphere seems so thin, the world so limited and so fragile. Now, in this critical year and what we all know to be the watershed decade, we must all come together to protect our world.

However, some point out that Amazon’s environmental record has been criticized in the past, especially by its own employees. They also want firmer commitments from society to achieve zero emissions by 2030.


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