January 11 Warzone Update Patch: Wellgun Smg and more

Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard are celebrating the launch of the new season of Attack on Titan with the launch of a new update filled with cosmetics. What’s more, a new SMG is coming to Warzone, its name, the Welgun.

With the actual Season 1 mid-season update slated for later this week, the January 11 update is relatively straightforward. She brings the Attack on Titan Pack to player stores, introduces a new Operator, and launches a new SMG.

Upon release of the update, players will be able to start unlocking the new Operator (Isabella, Task Force 006 Trident) and the new SMG. Attack on Titan cosmetics will be available approximately a week later, on January 20.

Zombies Vanguard

Zombies mode will undergo big changes.

January 11 Vanguard & Warzone Update: Attack on Titan and Welgun SMG

With Attack on Titan returning for the second half of its final season, a number of players are likely interested in this pack. It includes a Levi skin for Daniel, three Legendary Weapon Blueprints (including two melee swords identical to the “Titan Piercers” of Levi) and other bonuses.

For those who aren’t that concerned with cosmetics, this update also adds the Welgun SMG, which is supposed to fill a role somewhere between the Owen Gun and the Sten.

Isabella Warzone

The new operator Isabella.

Finally, a number of Zombies content has been revealed, but it has been detailed in another blog and is so extensive that they will get their own post.

Lots of change in prospect, and potentially a redemption for this mode which is struggling to find a place in Vanguard.


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