It’s Always Okay To Ask For Links, As Said By This SEO Nerd

This news comes at a time, when an SEO nerd and contributor, Andrew Dennis, who shares tweets tweeted by Google Public Search, i.e. Liaison Danny Sullivan. These tweets help them and others to see how they’ve helped various types of SEO, to get a better understanding, of what to do and what not to do, when it comes to link building.

This is really helpful to see, in a very long time, that a Google Representative like Danny Sullivan is providing some clear-cut and as well as constructive communication regarding the various links as well. He says, that he always begs people to really try to understand the various nuances, and not at all avoid the matter.

The situation is very easy to understand. The main thing that is important here, is the main intent behind asking for links. He says that his email inbox is always flooded by people, who offers him posts in exchange for just one simple link. Therefore, it can be easily seen that it is going to be a certain linking scheme.

The reason behind this is that – even though the question is about just a simple link, it is still mainly a part of the main campaign designed to get more links. In the same way, if a person is really specific about the needs, and just demand that a certain link should have an anchor text, then it will be like the part of the job, where the link will be used for ranking the website.

Sullivan clearly says that people who create or try to create content should never be afraid to ask for any type of links. But, if there is a certain demand behind that linking, then it gets warier for publishers, in the sense, that it is being done to rank the website on Google Search.

Taking all these content, Mr Dennis gives much more context regarding on this topic. He says that Sullivan was the Chief Content Officer at Third Door Media, and also was responsible for co-founding Search Engine Land in 2007. After retiring from Third Door Media in 2007, he accepted a job at Google. He was hired with the intent of helping Google and various SEO specialists, to help in understanding one another. This is indeed a very much needed role for Sullivan, as said by Dennis. Dennis says that he has been doing a great job. Mr Sullivan has been on all sides of the discussion –  from being just a citizen to an SEO, to content specialist and journalist, and now working as a representative for Google Search.

Dennis says that he is certainly happy seeing Mr Sullivan doing the much-needed awareness job, regarding link building. Not always you are lucky to get advice straight from Google. But with Sullivan’s steps, it is clear that Dennis wants to celebrate the effort Sullivan manages to pull through, in order to engage the whole SEO industry, and work more efficiently.


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