It Seems Like Fortnite Ghostbusters Content Has Been Leaked

Just like all other games, Fortnite has been gearing up for the Halloween season in order to ensure that the players will get more excitement while playing the game. So it looks like there will be some new Ghostbusters content that the players can find in the game.

It is sure that you will notice a car that is hidden under a sheet and you can know that the car is Ecto-1 as you will look at it. That hidden car is totally discovered first by the GamingMatrix and FortTory who did uncover and unveil the code that is, of course, related to the series. 

As you all know, there is no official confirmation for the fact yet but most players have been eagerly waiting for it to uncover officially. Also, all the fans are currently expecting to see that the Ghostbusters content will be added to the game any day now in terms of its addition to the Halloween season.

You must know that Epic Games did just reveal that there will be a Fortnitemare even that the players will be able to enjoy to the fullest. Therefore one thing is sure and that is the players will be able to have a lot of Halloween content to play in the game and enjoy it for as much as two weeks.

There are literally so many players who believe that the timing for the crossover is perfect and interesting. While it is notable that the franchise is trying its best to stay culturally relevant ever since the original movie did release in 1984.

It is sure that all the players have been waiting to get their hands on the Ghostbusters content while playing the amazing as well as the exciting game, Fortnite in its Halloween season. 


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