It is no longer possible to create a character on certain New World servers

The New World is already overcrowded

While New World knew its first launch weekend, Amazon Game Studios a mis en place a radical solution to try to unclog the servers at endless queues : it is no longer possible to create character on most popular servers.

Indeed, with a relatively limited number of simultaneous connections which should be increased in the coming days, most popular servers naturally present the longest queues.

By preventing character creation on an already loaded server, the studio hopes to prevent waiting times already a long time to swell more, but above all to redirect new players to servers with more space to breathe. According to Amazon, 40% of worlds online have medium or low populations, rarely subjects queues.

However, it is not known whether it will be possible to migrate a character to these popular worlds when functionality will be available this week… if all goes well.

In any case, the number of simultaneous connections To New World continues to beat Records, regularly passing by the eternal Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam. Yesterday, no less than 913 000 joueurs will explore Eternal (or were stuck in the queue, it depends).


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