is your boss spying on you? The CNIL warns him

It is now a fairly well-established ritual. As every year, the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (Cnil) published its activity report for the year 2021 on Wednesday. One category holds particular attention: surveillance at work. This behind is thus the third reason for complaint to the administrative authority.

Fines for Google and Facebook

Anxious to control the activity of their employees in telework, it often happens that some employers go beyond the limits. The president of the Cnil, Marie-Laure Denis, explains in particular to France Inter: “ For example, it has been found that there are sometimes keyloggers on the keyboard “. She adds regarding the year 2022: “ We are going to make it a priority theme to ensure that these practices, whose growth is very important, are as virtuous as possible. ».

Another trend often noted by the personal data policeman: the too frequent use of video surveillance at work. Thus, it is not authorized to oblige its employees to turn on their camera during videoconferences, specifies the Cnil. When it comes to workplace surveillance, one principle must remain: proportionality. It is therefore neither permitted nor desirable to constantly spy on its employees as in a kind of Orwellian dystopia.

For the rest, the Cnil noted 14,143 complaints in 2021, an increase of 4% compared to 2020. There are in particular certain complaints concerning the erasure of data and delisting.

And when his requests are not heard, the administrative authority does not hesitate to sanction with a total of 214 million euros in fines last year. The two most emblematic cases affected Google (150 million euros) and Meta (60 million euros).

If this issue interests you, you can also find our dedicated article on the subject which explains in detail that the two Tech giants have been sanctioned because their sites “ do not allow refusing cookies as simply as accepting them. »


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