Is Windows 10 better and faster than Windows 7?

Is Windows 10 better and faster than Windows 7?

As you all know Microsoft introduced its latest version of Windows called Windows 10. Later they launched few updates for it. The latest update they launched was Microsoft Windows 10 April Update.  Initially, users were hesitating to update their PC’S to windows 10 and many considered Windows 7 as the market bench mark. Some users did not like the new interface and the new look in Windows 10.

However, everyone must agree to the fact that Windows 10 consists of mind blowing new features such Cortana, Xbox etc. though it consists mind blowing features it could not undertake Windows 7 initially. However, finally after 2½ years after its initial release, Windows 10 has overtaken Windows 7 by gaining users around the world. Stat Counter Web analytics firm has conducted a research in which they have found that, Windows 10 now has 42.78% of the share while Windows 7 has 41.86% of the market share. Now the percentage has changed over time. Earlier Windows 10 had only 28% while Windows 7 was the market leader since it had 44% of the market share. Office 2019 will not support Windows 7 or 8.1. therefore, it would be better if you can upgrade your PC into Windows 10.

Windows 10 comes with a new interface which Microsoft has built to attract users. Microsoft has improved the system management of Windows 10. Microsoft claims that Windows 10 has the best operating system so far. Still many users stick to Windows 7 as the users can control it according to their way. Moreover, users find it familiar and convenient since they can control automatic updates.

Microsoft Anniversary Update in Windows 10 comes with improvements to Cortana making it even unique. Cortana is a virtual assistant whom you can give voice commands. Cortana will set reminders and conduct web searches for you when you give voice commands. Another unique feature in Windows 10, it consists of a convenient start menu where users can easily access commonly used apps. Now windows 10 consists of a more user friendly interface. Windows 10 consists of Microsoft Edge Browser which is a large improvement over Windows 7 Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge Browser is faster and loads pages quickly and it is supported by modern web standards. The new operating system of Windows 10 enables you to do so many tasks simultaneously with Window snapping. It has the ability to place a new Window in a tour quadrant. Isn’t it cool? However, earlier critics said that Windows 7 has an understandable user interface in comparison to Windows 10 but now it all has changed with Windows 10 latest Updates. Now Windows 10 is a combination of best features in Windows 7 and Windows 8 also you can use Windows toolkit for activate any windows edition including windows 10 and windows 8.

When it comes to the security Microsoft Windows 10 offers greater security as it consists its own antivirus software called Windows Defender thus there is encryption to ensure greater security is provided for its users. Further, you can install Windows Hello to Windows 10 to ensure greater security. Windows Hello will enable you to verify access to all their services including networks, online services such as Banking, apps and etc. it provides security through facial recognition, finger prints, iris scan etc which means Windows Hello consists of Biometric authentication features.

Windows passes all the other versions when it comes to gaming performance, game lovers will be benefitted if they are using Windows 10 since Direct X12 is available. Moreover, gamers can search and find games over the Xbox.

Every version of Windows has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best windows depend upon your usage and needs. As mentioned above gamers will find Windows 10 better than Windows 7. Therefore, install the right one according to your preferences and requirements.


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