Is Tears Of The Kingdom About The Dead?

Is Tears Of The Kingdom About The Dead?

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we caught our best look yet at Tears of the Kingdom. They showed off a lot of new features, like rail cutting, moving cars, and more.

Now that the smoke from the Direct is starting to clear up, Zelda fans are digging deep through the trailer to learn as much as they can about the game. One of the first things people find out is that the ReDeads, one of the most scary enemies in the series, are back.

The ReDead are by far the scariest enemies that players have faced throughout the Legend of Zelda series. Monsters wearing masks scream at Link, making him freeze in place out of fear as they move slowly towards him with the intention of eating his face.

Fans desire to know when the dead have come back because Tears of the Kingdom has become big. This guide shows who ReDead are and what they do, as well as whether or not they are an enemy in TotK.

Redeads were in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so you might know them. Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, those scary brown monsters with wooden masks are back and scarier than ever.

The Wind Waker, Tri Force Heroes, and Majora’s Mask also had them. The Redeads were the most scary enemies in Ocarina of Time. The video for Tears of the Kingdom makes it look like they are back.

If you don’t know about them, this Redead Tears of the Kingdom Guidebook tells you everything you need to know so you can tell when they come near you.

What Do ReDead Mean?

The first time ReDead appeared within The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, they were scary monsters. While Link looks at them, they stand still as well as do nothing.

But when he turns his back on them, they’ll scream, which will make him feel scared and stop him for a while. The ReDead are going to proceed towards Link, and if they receive close enough, they will jump on him.

If they do this, they will bite him and hurt his health. This enemy is like a zombie in Zelda. It is covered in darkness and looks like a zombie. You should leave them alone and stay away from them at all costs.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker, Tri Force Heroes, as well as Cadence of Hyrule have all had ReDead in them. A few things in the Zelda series make it seem like the ReDead used to be part of a travelling group of musicians.

No one knows what will happen to them, but it’s clear that it will have a terrible effect on them, turning them into evil beings that hunt people like spiders.

Are We Dead When The Kingdom Cries?

Tears of the Kingdom does not have any dead people. Early videos for the game depicted a blood moon rising, like the one above. A lot of fans see something that looks like a ReDead during the brief period that the Blood Moon is out and the enemies are rising from the ground.

But now we know that this enemy is called Gibdos. These zombie mummies look like they’re wearing masks on their faces, just like ReDeads, but they’re actually something much grosser and more solid.

You can find them in the Gerudo Desert and other places that are hot and dusty. If ReDead existed in Tears of the Kingdom, they would probably hide deep underground in the chasms.

This could provide them an edge, letting them freeze Link in the darkness and slowly attack him without being stopped.

We think that this would make the chasms more hazardous and it’s already hard to explore them without a lot of firepower, so it’s likely that Nintendo didn’t think they were necessary.

How To Stay Away From Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Redead:

Most redheads won’t come up to you. They do, but only a little. Most of the time, you’ll see them standing hunched over, but you might also see them sitting in the detail position.

When you get close to them, they’ll move slowly towards you, as well as as soon as you’re close enough, they’ll stun you with their eyes. Then they’ll jump on Link’s back and take away his life. You must use a set of buttons to get away from them.

They can also take different shapes. Within Tri Force Heroes, for example, they have bodies that look like melted clay, and when you get close to them, they let out a terrifying cry.

The Story of Link People have seen Tears of the Kingdom Redead, and they may be the most frightening enemy. They are in color, and they look very scary.

The enemy on the right appears to be a Redead, as you can see in the picture. So, Tears of the Kingdom Redead was back in The Legend of Zelda, and you’re in for a new nightmare.

When Redead cries, it looks like its rib cage opens up. This could mean that when Link gets close to Redead, its rib cage will open and it will wrap around him. So it will be hard to get rid of, and it might affect Link in some way.


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