Iris Mittenaere: this hilarious anecdote about her 1st night with an ex!

In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere told a very funny anecdote about her 1st night with an ex-boyfriend!

For some time now, Iris Mittenaere has been enjoying a stay in Dubai. During a small party, she decided to do a question / answer with her fans. She took the opportunity to tell an anecdote hilarious on her 1st night with an ex.

Iris Mittenaere enjoys a stay in Dubai

Iris Mittenaere has been spending more and more time in Dubai in recent months. It seems that she fell in love with this new fashionable city. She has besides many projects there.

On social networks, several fans have also wondered if Iris Mittenaere intended to move to Dubai with her darling Diego El Glaoui. The pretty blonde then spoke on this topic.

She said: ” No. We come to spend some family time here, because Romeo (Diego’s brother) Kenza (Diego’s sister) Matthieu (Kenza’s darling) are there. a little all the family what ahah ! ».

Before adding: “It’s important for Diego and I to stay close to them, to see Azel grow up. We are therefore taking advantage of our professional projects (we often have them… the Armani evening, my tomorrow job canceled) to stay longer ”.

Iris Mittenaere also concluded: “And enjoy this place and beautiful moments together”. If she doesn’t do not plan to live in Dubai, this does not mean that she does not have a good time in this incredible city.

A few days ago, she also spent a little evening with her fans. Indeed, she asked them to tell her their worst or their best gossip. His subscribers then played the game.

A hilarious anecdote with her ex

This Thursday, November 13, Iris Mittenaere shared embarrassing but also very funny moments experienced by her fans. Initially, a fan confided that during her 1st night with her darling, she had talked about her ex in her dreams.

A small embarrassing moment which also recalled a memory with an ex to Iris Mittenaere. The latter confided: “When I was a student, first sleep with my boyfriend ”.

Before continuing also: “I wake him up in the middle of the night screaming, ‘No! Take me out of the box. Stop it, you know I don’t like being in a club !!! ‘ Huge panic “.

The former Miss France and Miss Universe therefore confessed: “It took me ten minutes to understand that I was in my bed”. Before explaining: ” We are stayed together for several years, It’s okay “.

One thing is certain, this little anecdote did not fail to make his fans laugh. It must be said that thanks to this kind of little moment, these last ones learn more about Iris Mittenaere.

Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart always has some very funny anecdotes to tell. From time to time, she does not hesitate to talk about her exes to tell stories to die for.

Some hope that Iris Mittenaere will still have a little gossip evening with his subscribers. One thing is certain, Camille Cerf’s best friend is very close to his community !


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