Apple iPhone X Titanium Case Costs More Than iPhone X Itself

Here, We’re going to talk about an iPhone X case that costs more than the iPhone X itself. iPhone X has emerged as the costliest smartphone launched till date. That’s both a boon and a bane for its popularity. For buyers of luxury goods, it’s another great thing that they can buy. However, for masses, its $1,000 price tag is a barrier to purchase. But what we’re going to talk about here is meant for that small group of people who’ve either bought or are going to buy this expensive piece of tech.

Advent Aurora Case

Yep, you read it right – an iPhone X case that’s costlier than the iPhone X itself….

We’re talking about this latest iPhone X case made of Titanium and Gold by this Singaporean luxury brand GRAY. They’re calling this iPhone X case Advent Aurora, and it costs a cool $1,295. Made from Aerospace Grade Titanium and Aerospace Grade Aluminum display case, it’s a case that will not only look eye-catching but also feel super premium in your hand.

It’s also quite sturdy, as Titanium is known worldwide for its strength, hardness, and toughness. Yet, it’s also light when it comes to weight because Titanium is also known for its lightness. This contradictory combination of rigidity and lightness makes this super premium iPhone X case even more interesting.

The case is made in vivid colors through a heat treatment process. It has been individually hand-torched, and due to the random formation of colors during treatment, each piece turns out to be completely unique in terms of colors.

According to GRAY’s website, only 100 units of this case are to be shipped worldwide. So that way it’s also sort of a Limited Edition case. Gold and Rose Gold version of the case is also available for $1,145, and you can get either of these from GRAY’s website.

However, one thing which is not known about these cases yet is whether wireless charging will work with them or not. There’s also a similar case available from the company for comparatively cheaper iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 case costs $545, and just like the iPhone X case the iPhone 8 case can also be bought straight from GRAY’s website.


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