iPhone: Trendforce confirms that only the 14 Pro will have the A16 chip!

Trendforce has just confirmed that only iPhones of the 14 Pro model will have the A16 chip. Big news.

According to the latest information posted by iphonesoft, it looks like Trendforce has confirmed that only the iPhone 14 Pro will have the A16 chip. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

State-of-the-art iPhone

On September 23, Apple was unanimous among fans of new technologies. And this, for the simple and good reason that the Cupertino company finally unveiled its latest creation.

Eh yes ! A few months ago, the brand with the bitten apple presented its iPhone 13. And the least we can say is that the youngest in the range has not failed to be unanimous with users .

In particular thanks to its extraordinary storage capacity. If the basic version is able to store up to 128 GB of data, it would seem that the pro and pro max models are, for their part, much more powerful.

Indeed, the latter may indeed hold up to 1 TB of files. Or, unheard of in the world of mobile telephony until now.

But that’s not all ! In addition to betting everything on an overpowered iPhone, Apple also tried to build a new gen device with superior resistance.

Thus, the contours of the smartphone are made of stainless steel or aluminum depending on the model chosen. In addition, a major innovation has also emerged in the TrueDepth camera lens.

A special notch is now visible. Its goal ? Protect the Face ID tool when dropped. A significant novelty that has not failed to cause a sensation among users, but which should not be reused for future models.

The iPhone 14 Pro should thus have its Face ID directly integrated into the screen. MCE TV tells you more about mobile.

iPhone: Trendforce confirms that only the 14 Pro will have the A16 chip!
iPhone: Trendforce confirms that only the 14 Pro will have the A16 chip!

Trendforce confirms info on the 14 Pro model

Anyway and despite all the capabilities of the iPhone 13, we are not gathered today with the aim of extolling the merits of this model.

Indeed, the editorial aims to tell you about the next version of the phone. Eh yes ! According to rumors, the next iPhone should land in September.

As that date approaches, the details become clearer. And according to information posted by iphonesoft, Trendforce reportedly confirmed that only the 14 Pro will have the A16 chip.

The other iPhones, for their part, remain equipped with an A15 chip. Last April, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg explained that the iPhone 14 was « capable of stay equipped with the A15 chip last year or a variation thereof”.

This is not just to highlight the Pro version. But also for cope with the shortage of electronic components. A problem that seems to weigh on many companies.

As for the A16 chip, this one should always be engraved in 5nm. Which shouldn’t change much. It remains to be seen what the other changes will be. To be continued…


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