iPhone: the motorcycle would cause great damage to the cell phone!

To all bikers who can not do without their iPhone when riding, know that your motorcycle is causing damage to the phone!

This is new information that has just fallen, and which could shock bikers who cannot part with their iPhone, even while riding their motorcycle. Apple informed users of the big damage that the motorcycle could cause on the mobile phone ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Apple warns about the danger of vibrations

It’s a scene that you must have seen several times, at a red light for example. Your car is stationary, and you are take the opportunity to look around you. ” Take ! Here is a biker. I really like his motorbike ”…

Upon closer inspection, you notice an iPhone resting on a stand. The GPS is on. Sometimes some even use social networks such as Instagram or Snapchat while waiting for traffic to return.

An act that may seem trivial, of course. However, be aware that the use of the telephone on a motorbike is more than dangerous. In any case, this is what Apple said. The firm has therefore just warned users and advises them not to install an iPhone on their motorcycle.

But what is the reason for this? When you put your smartphone on the motorcycle, the vibrations of the vehicle do not mix with your little one. Indeed, the machine could cause great damage to the sensors of the smartphone camera, due to engine vibration.

If that same vibration has the power to make you jump, and makes your voice tremble as you speak, imagine the impact it has on your tiny phone. that fits so well in your little pants pocket.

What a pity if you have just bought the last of the Apple range! At this price, you have good service. But the technology still has flaws. And that, no one will be able to dispute. It would also bei heartbreaking to damage the picture quality of your iphone.

iPhone: the motorcycle would cause great damage to the cell phone!
iPhone: the motorcycle would cause great damage to the cell phone!

IPhone: other possible solutions?

Short, the support note published by Apple is therefore very clear ! No offense to fans of motorized two-wheelers. On the giant’s website, we can therefore read the following: “High horsepower motorcycle engines generate intense high amplitude vibrations, which are transmitted through the frame and handlebars. “

Even the handlebars have consequences on your iPhone! Going into detail, Apple talked about the models that were more likely to suffer from these vibrations. We find then all models produced since the iPhone 6 Plus.

And for good reason. All integrate fairly fragile systems, optical stabilization (OIS) and autofocus (AF). Small elements which would therefore have great difficulty in resistingr to excessive vibrations over a prolonged period.

To avoid this kind of incident, it is therefore preferable to avoid placing your iPhone on your motorcycle. Do you differently for the GPS, even if that is much easier said than done! The other solution is also use a vibration damper to avoid vibration!