iPhone, iCloud: how to download your Apple personal data

Like other digital giants, Apple allows its customers to download all personal data related to its products and services. A measure imposed by the European regulation for the protection of personal data. Beyond aspects related to transparency and privacy, it’s a great way to have a global view of your personal data stored on Apple’s servers.

All web companies have complied with the principles of the RGPD which came into force on May 25, 2018. Many associations operating in the field of privacy do not fail to highlight the aspects still neglected by the various actors. When it comes to the release of personal data, most have complied with the principle from the start.

Apple thus allows its customers to download all their personal data that it keeps on its servers, as Facebook or Instagram already allows. The purpose of this openness is to offer them more flexibility, but it is also an act of transparency. Especially when we know that several types of data are kept without the user having the slightest idea: location, contacts, navigation data, input, etc.

How to download your Apple personal data?

From the web address https://privacy.apple.com, you will be able to access your Apple personal data: iTunes, App Store, iCloud, etc. Fill in your credentials to connect. In the game Manage your data, as you can see, three other options are offered.

Before you start, you see that you can correct your data in case any of your information held by Apple is incorrect. The option just below allows you to deactivate your account without deleting it and finally, you can decide to delete your data altogether.

This obviously involves deleting the account and all your data stored on Apple’s servers. This is not a viable solution if you are still using an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product.

  • Click on Request a copy of your data.

  • Select the data you want to recover. You can check the box Select all to recover all of your data. They can be very heavy. It would therefore be better to start with the lighter ones.

  • Once the data types are selected, Apple will ask you the size of the file to download (the file containing your data) that you want (up to 25 GB). Then click on Complete the request.

You should receive the file promptly, usually within minutes. All you have to do is download your Apple data as an archived file.


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