iPhone: a flaw allows hackers to hack your Apple smartphone!

IPhones are victims of a vulnerability making them vulnerable to cyberattacks! Apple advises those concerned to install the latest update.

To the chagrin of Apple users, the American giant has just detected a flaw in the system. Exploited by hackers, it could then give them access to your iPhone … MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A breach in the iPhone system

If she is known for its safety, this time, the very famous American company seems outdated. A huge flaw appears in the system of its products!

Yes, you did hear… On its site, Apple explains that hackers could exploit it in order to “To execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges”.

Are you lost? So let’s make it easier. A hacker can easily sneak into this breach to take control of your iPhone.

And this, even from a distance ! No, you are not dreaming … The American giant also thinks that it has already been done. Slim !

Those who own an iPad or an iPod are also affected by the problem. But don’t worry! There is a very easy way to hijack it.

Still on its website, Apple claims that it is enough to install the latest update. Recently available, iOS 15.0.2 would correct this flaw.

To download it, it’s very easy! You just have to go to the settings, click on “Software update” and install it.

Yes, yes, that’s it. Before launching it, make sure you have at least 50% battery on your device. It must not be turned off during the installation of the update!

The latter also brings other fixes. It fixes the bug preventing AirTags from appearing in “Locate”, but also the one blocking audio applications with CarPlay.

So after that, you can safely use your iPhone or iPad. MCE TV tells you more!

iPhone: a flaw allows hackers to hack your Apple smartphone!

The new Apple range

To the delight of Apple addicts, the very famous American company has just unveiled its new product line.

As you probably know, this is the iPhone 13. And like its predecessors, the new device comes in four forms.

We thus find the classic version, but also the Mini, the Pro and Pro Max. Something to satisfy the greatest number! There is something for every taste.

And in terms of colors also elsewhere. This time, the American giant opts for metallic tones. It offers blue, gold, silver and graphite for the Pro models, as well as red, pink, black and white for the classic and the Mini.

The revolution of this new generation of smartphones lies in its much faster and more efficient processor. But there is another novelty that seems to appeal to the faithful of the brand.

Indeed, the more expensive versions of the Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone have a 1TB storage capacity. Yes, you did hear!

The prices of these new products vary from 809 to 1,839 euros. Will you be tempted?


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