iPhone 8 leaks confirmed already expected design, suggest possibility of wireless charging

Around 5 days ago we heard about the display resolution of iPhone 8. Now, We have two new leaks have emerged giving more details about the design and features of Apple iPhone 8. Let’s take a look on both of them. As launch of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is approaching it’s becoming harder and harder for Cupertino based giant to hold on to the details.

New Dummy Models of Apple iPhone 8

Dummy iPhone 8

This leak has come from the Twitter handle of noted leaker @Onleaks, who has shared some pictures of a dummy Apple iPhone 8 model. The images further confirm already expected design of next iPhone. One of them shows a sizable cut-out on the all-screen front of iPhone 8 for speaker, mic, front-facing camera and sensors. It also reveals that bezel size on all sides of device will be a mere 4mm, and in order to make it happen the iPhone will also go through a shape change.

Dummy model showing camera of iPhone 8

Coming to the back of device, the rear camera will be aligned vertically, and it’s likely to be housed under a bump, which means that you may not be able to place this device flatly on an even surface. While this is slightly disappointing for flat iPhone lovers, it’s a minor thing that can probably be dealt with by installing a back cover.

New Sounds – Possibility of Wireless Charging?

Now this is something coming from the iOS 11 beta released by Apple itself a few days ago. The version comes with a new set of sound effects for UI that wasn’t present before. And what’s interesting about these new sound effects is that they match the sounds that’re seen in  some other wireless charging  products. For instance, a sound named “engage_power.caf” feels as if it’s meant to play when iPhone is placed on a wireless charging pad.

This is the latest link in a chain of hints that Apple is going to bring wireless charging to iPhones. Before this Apple had also applied for membership of Wireless Power Consortium in February, which first fueled the thoughts that future iPhones may come with this long due feature. Now iPhone 8 has pretty much everything needed to include this feature – a back made of new material that can support inductive charging, a form factor that can accommodate the required circuitry and now with iOS 11 even the sound effects needed for this highly anticipated feature.

So Apple iPhone 8 is very likely to come with wireless charging. And if it does, it’ll be interesting to see whether Apple goes the route of cross-compatibility with existing hardware or devises its own technology and standards for the feature. Most of the time company has walked on its own route, so I think it’ll be the case once again. But still, it can also be other way around – who knows, except for top brass of Apple Inc.?

One thing is certain: Apple iPhone 8 is going to be entirely different from all its predecessors in almost every way. Certainly something worth waiting for.


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