iPhone: 2 TB of storage on the next Apple phones?

According to our colleagues at iPhon, Apple is currently working to allow its future iPhone to benefit from 2 TB of storage

It’s nice to have a technological jewel in the hands… But that this one has a lot of memory turns out much better. And at the moment, that doesn’t really seem the case with the iPhone ofApple. You just have to be patient, since the firm would be working on the project.

Not enough space

Who has never had to face this situation? Situating during which you want take a photo but your smartphone informs you that you do not have enough space ? Almost everyone has been there.

And this, even more a few years ago. Because yes, let’s not be bad tongues. Over the years, Apple has put in a lot of effort and made its iPhone to become more and more efficient. And if some doubt it, here is some proof.

In particular the fact that between certain editions, the changes are quite gigantic. Especially in terms of device performance. By switching from one version to another, we could already see that the quality of the photos had nothing to do with it.

Ditto for storage. Moreover, the firm of Steve Jobs had added a very useful tool a few years ago. Paid, of course, but very useful for the majority of iPhone users. We are of course talking about cloud storage.

To avoid being too “French” and reveal the real term to you, know that we are talking about the cloud. The famous cloud that allows you to store your data “in the sky” without you realizing it. By paying a subscription of 0.99 cents per month, you have access to several spaces.

A ridiculous price when you see how much a simple iPhone can cost. Despite everything, this subscription is very useful and popular. But within a few years, you may not need it anymore. Our colleagues d’iPhon, revealing of very good info a few days ago on this.

iPhone: 2 TB of storage on the next Apple phones?
iPhone: 2 TB of storage on the next Apple phones?

More storage for the Apple iPhone?

Before indicating how the Silicon Valley firm will increase its storage, the media made a booster shot. A reminder to indicate how things had turned out in the space of a few years. And the evolution of phones.

Our colleagues therefore let it be known: « With the second generation iPhone SE, however, you have to limit yourself to 128 GB of internal memory (maximum). The iPhone 12 was already doing better, with 256 GB. “ And it was finally with the following version that we could start to dream:

“As for the iPhone 13 Pro and its big brother the iPhone 13 Pro Max… They are available in several editions up to 1 TB: double their predecessors. » But according to the magazine MyDrivers, the iPhone 14 would be “Thus sold with 2 TB of storage”.

Be careful, however, to show yourself aware of one thing. The fact that this version should be more expensive than all the others. In any case, this is what the media recalls. Either way, we’re going to have to be patient.

Nothing tells us that this new iPhone is going to have right to as much storage. Despite everything, the rumors seem more and more insistent….