iPhone 15 Pro: a supplier suggests the end of mechanical buttons!

This is an announcement that is causing a stir on social networks. The next iPhone 15 Pro could well see the buttons disappear!

What will the future iPhone 15 Pro look like? A supplier spoke of the end of mechanical buttons! A great first dear Apple! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Apple in search of evolution

The years pass and the new iPhones are still impressive. After the iPhone 13, Apple did well with the 14th which caused a sensation. If Internet users criticized its excessive price, they still praised its performance.

And for good reason ! the iPhone 14 offers better visual quality, thanks to its sensors which are a little larger. Its design also stands out with itss contours which are made of stainless steel, or aluminum depending on the model chosen. We love.

There is no doubt, the Cupertino company has really done well! There is also a very good storage capacity which competes with Samsung. The iPhone 14 can therefore store up to 1 TB of data.

That’s not all ! There is also the Face ID tool which helps protect the iPhone in the event of a fall. On social networks, customers express their satisfaction.

A study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reveals that iPhone users are demanding ceases a good storage capacity.

60% of iPhone 13 Pro buyers in the United States in 2021 have this bought the model with 128 GB of storagee. And 50% of iPhone 14 buyers therefore preferred the model with 256 GB of storage:

“A majority of customers therefore paid extra for phones with greater storage capacity”then declares the CIRP.

A novelty on the iPhone 15 Pro

But the question arises, what will the iPhone 15 Pro look like? Cirrus Logic, an Apple supplier has its own idea. According to him, this model will no longer have mechanical buttons. Theset what Ming-Chi Kuo had revealed.

No more volume buttons or ignition, that would be a great first! But Cirrus Logic maintains the idea in a letter to its shareholders. Society wants ‘sengage with a strategic customer (like Apple).

And she plans to “ market next year a new component in smartphones “. John Forsyth, the boss of Cirrus Logic, also mentioned the subject, stating that the component in question would arrive during the second half of 2023.

It is therefore during this period that customers should discover the iPhone 15 (Pro). According to rumors, this model should therefore have a Home button, like that of the iPhone 7.

As a reminder, you could tap on it, it did nothingn when the phone was offt. But it was quite different when the phone was on. The goal is to give the user the impression that he was pressing a physical button.

So this is the novelty on the next iPhone 15 Pro. But it would only concern the volume buttons and the ignition button. Customers had asked for change… Here it is! But will it really appeal to users?

Have ! Be aware that Apple also wants to improve water resistance and limit the number of components that can wear out over time.


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