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iPhone 15: a Sony image sensor will improve low-light photos

The iPhone 15 will be entitled to a new image sensor from Sony, this one being presented as a “cutting edge” model, according to information from Nikkei.

iPhone 14 Pro Rear Photo Sensors Buttons

Sony’s image sensor doubles the saturation signal of each pixel, allowing it to capture more light and reduce underexposure and overexposure. Thus, it is able to better photograph a person’s face, even in the event of strong backlight.

As for the technical part, Sony uses a semiconductor architecture which places the photodiodes and the transistors in separate layers, which makes it possible to increase the number of photodiodes.

As it stands, it is unclear if all iPhone 15s will benefit from Sony’s better image sensor or if Apple will reserve it for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. It wouldn’t be surprising in reality, knowing that the group is increasingly starting to separate the Pro line from the non-Pro line. For example, the iPhone 14 Pros are entitled to several new features, including the Dynamic Island, where the non-Pro iPhone 14s are essentially the equivalent of last year’s non-Pro iPhone 13s.

If we are to believe the rumors circulating, the iPhone 15 Pro will be entitled to the new A17 chip from Apple, a faster USB-C port, more RAM, a better zoom for the photo part and the end of the mechanical buttons. Non-Pro models won’t have all of that (there will be a USB-C port, but it will have the same throughput as the existing Lightning port, namely USB 2.0 speeds).


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