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iPhone 14 Pro: iOS 16.3 fixes blinking horizontal lines bug

The flashing horizontal lines bug on the iPhone 14 Pro, and more specifically on the Max model, is fixed with iOS 16.3, Apple announced. The group shared the notes of the release candidate and there is precisely this mention.

iPhone 14 Pro Green Yellow Horizontal Lines Screen

In the notes for the iOS 16.3 release candidate, Apple states: “Fixed an issue where horizontal lines may appear temporarily when turning on the iPhone 14 Pro Max”.

In December, there were several testimonials from users mentioning this bug, without it being known exactly where the problem came from. It seemed that the problem was software and not hardware, which Apple confirmed a few days ago in an internal memo. This note indicated that a fix was in the works and would be available soon. It will therefore arrive with iOS 16.3.

The iOS 16.3 release candidate has been available since yesterday, both for developers and for public testers. Apple has already announced that the final version will be available to everyone next week. If all goes well, the final version next week will be strictly identical to the release candidate distributed yesterday. Conversely, if there is any problem identified within the next few days, a modified version with one or more fixes will be available for download.

As a reminder, the main novelty of the update will be the support of physical security keys for two-step authentication (2FA).


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