IPhone 13 Pro Max: this is what the smaller notch will look like

YouTuber Unbox Therapy presented a mockup of the iPhone 13 Pro Max built according to the latest rumors. We can thus see the new notch, the size of which is smaller than that of the current generation. A foretaste that gives us a precise idea of ​​the curves of the future Apple smartphone.

iPhone 13: a smaller notch
(Unbox Therapy)

Leaks around the future Apple smartphone are already legion. Last month, an iPhone 13 mockup unveiled by the Mac Otakara site showed in particular the smaller notch which should take pride of place on the flagship. It is therefore 26.8 mm wide (against 34.83 mm for the current iPhone 12 Pro). Still according to the Japanese site, it would also be 5.35 mm high while the iPhone 12 has a 5.30 mm high notch. Information to be taken seriously given the reliability of the source.

For his part, YouTuber Unbox Therapy has just posted a video where he presents an iPhone 13 Pro Max mockup. Designed according to the latest noise from the hallway, this one is not official. In particular, it aims to guide the manufacturers of accessories (like hulls) so that they can manufacture them upstream. The model shows that the future smartphone will have more or less the same design as its predecessor. However, with some subtle changes in its design.

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We can see that its notch will be much less imposing. To reduce its size, the firm at the apple could shift the front speaker in the frame of the phone, as can be seen on the model presented by Unbox Therapy. It is further observed that the four TrueDepth sensors are nested in the notch for Face ID needs.

Moreover, we can see on the back the presence of the famous three photo sensors as well as the LIDAR scanner. Sensors that are much larger than those of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This suggests a significant improvement in the photo part. The leaker Max Weinbach had notably argued that the iPhone 13 would have an automatic astrophotography mode and a renovated ultra-wide-angle sensor.


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