iOS 14.6: Apple’s latest update deteriorates iPhone battery life

As is often the case with updates, negative impacts on the autonomy of our smartphones can be felt. This is the case with iOS 14.6, the latest update for iPhone. According to iAppleBytes, a chain specializing in autonomy tests, this new update from Apple deteriorates the autonomy of some iPhones.

iPhone Apple iOS 14.6
Apple iOS 14.6

Each new iOS update brings its share of novelties. The latest for iPhones is iOS 14.6 (and its iPadOS equivalent), available for download yesterday. If this update does not offer as many new features as the huge iOS 14.5, many users are already complaining about battery concerns. On Reddit for example or on Twitter. Chain iAppleBytes, a specialist in autonomy tests, carried out a whole series of tests. And here are the conclusions.

iOS 14.6: a loss of autonomy observed on old iPhone models

iAppleBytes tested iOS 14.6 on several models: l’iPhone 6S, 7, 8, XR, 11, SE et l’iPhone SE 2020. All smartphones tested start from the same point and are equal in their configuration. Display brightness is anchored at 25%, automatic brightness is disabled. IPhones are connected to the same network and their settings are similar. In other words, everything is done so that the tests are comparable.

Then Apple smartphones were tested under Geekbench 4, a benchmark tool that will also assess the autonomy of iPhones. The first Apple smartphone to turn off is the iPhone 6S after 2 hours 32 minutes of operation (2 hours 56 minutes on iOS 14.5), then the first generation iPhone SE after 2 hours 46 minutes (2 hours 55 minutes on iOS 14.5) . The 2020 iPhone SE, released last year, stops after 3:06 a.m. (compared to 3:34 a.m. in iOS 14.5). IPhone 7 loses 11 minutes, iPhone 8 loses 8 minutes, so do iPhone XR and iPhone 11. iPhone 12s have not been tested.

Overall, the results are far from worrying. That said, we can see that older iPhones tend to suffer more from this update than recent models, which is not really surprising. If you still want to update your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Software Update. iOS 14.6 adds support for Podcast subscriptions, in addition to fixes for iPhones.

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