iOS 12 Major Features Reportedly Delayed Due to Large Number of Issues in iOS 11

It seems that iOS 12 won’t be as cool and classy as Apple had initially planned to make it. The company is so packed with complaints regarding iOS 11 that it has reportedly decided to make iOS 12 more about reliability and quality rather than new functionality. This may see a little sad, but that’s the only way to fix the number of issues that exist in iOS 11.

The decision has reportedly been taken earlier this month, and it means that many of the hotly anticipated and rumored features of the OS are either being postponed or are on the verge of being postponed. They include:

  • A redesigned home screen
  • New Photos app with algorithmic enhancements
  • Updates to Mail app
  • In-car user interfaces
  • And probably some others as well.

This information has come from the reliable sources of Bloomberg and Axios, so it’s highly unlikely to be untrue. However, at the same time, it also doesn’t mean that there will be no major new features in iOS 12. You may get more augmented reality features than you’ll ever use, more parental control settings and more health tracking features. However, the most significant features that would have radically changed the iOS experience are almost certainly going to be delayed so engineers can focus more on the reliability side of the OS. Because as you may know is a user, iOS 11 really struggled in some major areas.

The last year has already been an unusually troublesome one for Apple. Besides company’s mobile OS being released with bugs there were also a number other screw-ups that happened during the same year, which include less than stellar sales of iPhone X, a Mac security vulnerability allowing bypass of password security to login and finally the iPhone slowdown confession that Apple was forced to make after being caught red-handed. The company is also going to announce its quarterly results in next few days, and analysts are expecting less than estimated iPhone X sales.

All these things have earned the company a lot of bad PR within last few months, and it’s time to do some course correction rather than launch some half-baked futuristic stuff. Because if something nasty is found in new product releases as well, it may get too late to fix things. Apple realizes this and is doing the right thing. So hopefully we can expect a better and smoother iOS experience after the release of iOS 12.


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