Interceptor Update Hub Corrupted Planets, Sentinels, Starships, And Resources

Interceptor Update Hub Corrupted Planets, Sentinels, Starships, And Resources:

The Interceptor Update is indeed the twenty-third major addition to No Man’s Sky, and it has been the most costly in recent times. It changes how Sentinels work, adds a new type of planet called a “starship,” gives the players a new tool to farm, and a whole lot more.

This hub seems to be your guidance to the entire Interceptor Update. It will assist you in discovering all the new features and learn how to use the latest systems to avoid being left behind by the space dust.

The Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky comes out today. This free patch adds new Interceptor ships, planets that have been corrupted by Sentinels, and new types of enemies.

The Interceptor update gives the annoying Sentinel robots that players have to deal with as they look around planets more power. The robots now come in more kinds, have new abilities, and can even take over whole worlds.

The robot guardians of No Man’s Sky have indeed been given strange new shapes, according to the official announcement.

Sentinel machines have been hacked, so they can now look like half-arachnid machines with flamethrowers as well as bombs to scare travellers. Players are able to obtain a fresh Sentinel jetpack called the Aeron Turbojet.

All The New Features Of The No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update:

The Interceptor Update makes No Man’s Sky more difficult in a new way. Below, we’ve explained everything that’s new inside the update and given tips on how to use it.

If you want to discover a corrupted planet, an Interceptor starship, or some corrupted machines to fight, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Where To Look For Corrupted Planets:

One of the best things about the Interceptor Update is that it adds corrupted planets. You have to open the galaxy map as well as look for a new kind of system to find them. When you move your mouse over a system, you’ll see a description of it. This usually includes a word like “water.”

Corrupted planets can only be found in systems that are described as “Dissonant.” These are more prevalent than you might anticipate, so find one, make a path to it, and warp there.

These planets always are broken, and everything is going to have a mysterious purple tint to it. On these planets, you also can discover all the new resources that were added to No Man’s Sky with Interceptor Update. These resources are needed to upgrade your Interceptor starship.

Corrupted Sentinels, risky opponents that really can sneak up on you while you’re collecting the valuable purple crystals all over the planet, are also here.

How To Look For Sentinel Interceptor Ships:

Sentinel Interceptor ships are used by Sentinels who have crashed on planets that have become corrupted because of the purple crystals.

You have three methods for locating a single of these ships and make it your own. To discover a crashed Sentinel Interceptor ship, users could either attack Sentinels throughout space until you decimate the Sentinel Capital Ship, strike corrupted Sentinels on a corrupted planet until you finish the last wave, or use an Echo Locator.

Sentinel Multi Tools How To Get Them:

Sentinel Multi-Tools are new types of Multi-Tools with strange looks that look like gear you might see on a Sentinel on a normal planet. You can only get these if you find a harmonic camp as well as figure out the computer puzzle there.

To get into the Multi-Tool station, you have to scan the memory registers as well as figure out the numbers that go with the glyphs you typed in. Read our step-by-step guide to getting Sentinel Multi-Tools to find out how to do it.

How To Find Corrupted Sentinels And Fight Them:

Corrupted Sentinels are a special variant of enemy that you will find all over corrupted planets. You don’t have to look very hard to find a fight between them. If you see something valuable, like a Gravitino Ball, pick it up because that will make a swarm come after you.

A dissonance resonator is another place you can go. Corrupted sentinels protect these machines, so if you search hard enough, you can find a lot of them to fight.

If you have to fight corrupted sentinels, you should at the very least have a lot of ammunition as well as a bolt-caster. These enemies will be using adaptive camouflage to conceal themselves from view as well as attack from the edge or behind.

If you’re not sure if there’s a machine nearby, look for a purple glow and shoot at it. Every other machine is healed by the drones, so they are the finest machines to take out first.

When you kill a corrupted sentinel, it will drop items like atlantideum. The large quadrupeds, on the other hand, will drop an echo locator. You can use these to find harmonic camps and get a nice new multi-tool there.

How To Find Resonators Of Dissonance:

There are dissonance resonators all over corrupted planets, but you won’t run into one by accident. You have to look for them. Check out the interesting things around you with your scanner.

One of them should stand out as a new icon and be named “Dissonance Resonator.” Most of the time, these are a few hundred units back from where you are, so take a ship or Exocraft to travel there.

Dissonance resonators are watched over by corrupted sentinels. These attractions are a great way to start a battle with these new device variants, but the actual worth comes from destroying the machines themselves.

The inverted mirrors in Dissonance Resonators are used to get into a crashed Interceptor Starship. If you find one, consider taking it out so you don’t have to do as much work in the future.

How To Find Camps That Get Along:

Harmonic Camps are old camps that have been abandoned and are full of creepy Sentinel gear. To find them, you can use an echo tracking device to pinpoint exactly where they are.

This might be located on the same totally corrupt globe as you or on a fresh one within an entirely different chaotic system. These camps can help you find a crashed Sentinel Interceptor ship as well as a Sentinel Multi-Tool by pointing you in the right direction.

How To Change The Look Of The Aeron Turbojet Exosuit:

The Aeron Turbojet Exosuit Appearance Override is without a doubt among the finest parts of the Interceptor Update. It appears to be a fashionable jetpack with wings.

To get it, you have to go to a Harmonic Camp as well as unleash the terminal by resolving the problems in the system’s memory and typing in the corresponding glyphs.

This item will be given to you when you go to your first Harmonic Camp. You can put it on your Traveller at the Appearance Modifier. If you’re looking for your first Sentinel Interceptor ship, you’ll probably do this, so don’t worry too much about finding it on your own.

What Should You Do With The New Resources From The Interceptor Update?

On corrupted planets, you can get two new things. These are shards of both atlantideum and radiant.

On these worlds, you could indeed mine Atlantideum from of the smaller purple crystals, but to get Radiant Shards, you’ll have to get an Advanced Mining Laser Upgrade. We’ve written down what these resources can be used for below.

Atlantideum This valuable resource appears to be worth selling more than anything else. As with everything in No Man’s Sky though, it’s likely useful for crafting or refining in some way
Radiant Shards You use Radiant Shards to override the security systems in crashed Interceptor starships so you can begin the process of making them your own
Crystallised Heart Once again, this appears to be a valuable item you can sell for hundreds of thousands of Units. However, it may also be useful in crafting certain gear
Inverted Mirror This item is part of the key to salvaging a crashed Interceptor starship
Echo Locator This item is used to find Harmonic Camps on Corrupted Planets


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